‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: New Green Goblin Suit Teased in New Footage!! Check It Out!!

In a special panel for CCXP, a new look at Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin was revealed. Before the panel, Tom Holland introduced Dafoe, Alfred Molina, and Jamie Foxx with some footage from the film, including a new shot of Dafoe without his Goblin mask on throwing a “pumpkin bomb” at Holland’s Spider-Man. Later in the panel, Dafoe teased his new costume, saying Norman and the Goblin “have a few more tricks up their sleeves.”

The new panel focused on the villains returning to Spider-Man: Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Molina’s Doc Ock, and Foxx’s Electro. This marks the first time the three have talked publicly about appearing in the new Spider-Man film and joining the MCU. All three expressed excitement about the new film and working again with producer Amy Pascal.

When asked about their new costumes, Dafoe joked that “nobody knows how uncomfortable those costumes are” with Molina and Foxx laughing in agreement, before remarking the costumes are “much more comfortable then they were before.” Before moving on from the topic, though, Dafoe took the opportunity to tease fans about his new Goblin suit: “I don’t know how much we want to fool with spoilers but the look’s a little different. Norman and the Goblin are further down the line and have a few more tricks up their sleeves, so it’s not an exact… there’ve been upgrades on the costume, let’s say.”

In the new footage that preceded the panel, Dafoe’s Norman Osborn wears a hoodie over the Goblin suit. The suit is of course the character’s signature green color but potentially seems more high-tech. He also throws a pumpkin bomb, which Holland tries to catch before it explodes in a burst of green smoke. The hoodie Dafoe wears largely obscures the suit; however, this is the first footage we’ve seen of him outside of the Goblin mask. Previously, we had only seen a tiny maskless Norman Osborn in a new poster, so many are delighted to see Dafoe formally return to the role.

Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters on December 17th. From director Jon Watts, No Way Home picks up directly after the events of Far From Home when Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio revealed that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) tries a spell to help the world forget Spider-Man’s true identity, but ultimately ends up opening a multiverse. Doc Ock (Molina), Electro (Foxx), and the Green Goblin (Dafoe) all enter the MCU from their own universes and the fight to save the multiverse is on.

You can check out the new villains’ panel for CCXP below:


via Collider

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