‘Nameless’: Henry Golding to Lead Dean Koontz Series Adaptation!!

Coming off his role in this year’s Snake Eyes, it looks like Henry Golding isn’t leaving action thrillers behind any time soon. SK Global, the team behind Golding’s breakout film, Crazy Rich Asians, have announced that the star will lead a television adaptation of Dean Koontz’s Nameless series, starring as the titular hero who has no idea who he is, and only what he has been assigned to do.

Originally published in 2019, Koontz’s series of twelve novellas follow Nameless (Golding), a man who knows nothing about himself due to a severe bout of amnesia. Knowing only his mission, assigned by a mysterious agency, Nameless travels through America, turning predators into prey and doling out punishment where the law has failed to. But he cannot run from his past for long, as dark and splintered visions begin to lead him towards his most dangerous assignment yet.

“I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of telling a mystery thriller in an episodic format,” Golding said in a statement. “But to work with the master of suspense thrillers – Dean Koontz’s Nameless is beyond my expectations. To bring this exceptional series to the screen with my partners SK Global and Mazur Kaplan will be an exhilarating journey as we look to bring a fresh and unique take on Dean’s characters.”

Nameless is one of a number of upcoming projects for Golding, whose next releases include a role in Netflix’s Persuasion, an adaptation of the Jane Austen novel starring Dakota Johnson, as well as Assassin’s Club, another thriller co-starring Noomi Rapace, Sam Neill, and Daniella Melchior. Koontz expressed his excitement for Golding joining the series adaptation of his work, which has not yet landed at a network or streamer:

“I’m delighted to have my material in the hands of such dedicated and accomplished producers, and when I heard the name Henry Golding, I shouted, ‘Yes!’ Mr. Golding will be perfect and unforgettable as Nameless.”

SK Global will produce Nameless in partnership with The Mazur Kaplan Company and Golding’s Long House Productions, and the production will be executive produced by Sidney Kimmel, John Penotti, Charlie Corwin and Marcy Ross for SK Global, Golding via Long House, and Paula Mazur and Mitchell Kaplan for Mazur Kaplan.


via Collider

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