Netflix Cancels ‘Cowboy Bebop’ After One Season!!

After much anticipation over Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop, the streaming service has canceled the show less than a month after it premiered.

Cowboy Bebop which debuted on November 19th, ran for ten episodes and starred John Cho, Mustafa Shakir and Daniella Pindea. The series was announced in 2017, and while there was plenty of buzz around the live-action adaptation, the response towards the series had been fairly mixed. In his review for Collider, Rafael Motomayor said of the series “lacks a color palette, a distinct visual language, and any resemblance of soul.”

Cowboy Bebop followed Spike Spiegel (Cho), Jet Black (Shakir) and Faye Valentine (Pineda), a group of bounty hunters who chase down criminals across the galaxy in the year 2171. The series also starred Elena Satine and Alex Hassell.

Netflix hasn’t had the best success with their live-action anime adaptations in recent years, as their 2017 movie Death Note also wasn’t received very well. The streaming service also has a One Piece adaptation in the works. There is also a four-issue “Cowboy Bebop: The Comic Series” in the works, with the first issue set to debut this month.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, writer and producer Christopher Yost said of the series, “Hopefully a global audience embraces it, because we’ve got a lot more stories to tell.” Yost continued, “Across the lore of Bebop, there are certain episodes and stories that are just slam dunk, no-brainers to tell. And I would certainly love to tell more of them.” Yost also said he’s begun planning Season Two saying, “if there’s a season two, [I’m] just noodling on what the possibilities could be.”

The first and only season of Cowboy Bebop is streaming now on Netflix. The original anime series is available to stream on Netflix now as well.


via Collider

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