‘Moonfall’: First 5 Minutes of Roland Emmerich’s Latest Earth Destruction Movie Revealed!! Check It Out!!

The first five minutes of Roland Emmerich‘s next world-destroying film, Moonfall, have just been released, giving us a glimpse into the ominous new space thriller, and introducing us to our core cast, which includes Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson.

The film opens with sharp and ominous music but soon shifts, benignly enough, to the smooth crooning of Toto’s “Africa” playing as two astronauts work outside of their ship. Astronaut Brian Harper, played by Wilson, starts in with “What does it even mean to miss the rains down in Africa?” “The lyrics are I bless the rains down in Africa,” Berry‘s character Jo Fowler retorts, correcting the common misinterpretation. All seems well, even banal as the two recall cutting a rug and doing karaoke at Fowler’s wedding.

But just as Harper and Fowler seemed to have settled their discord, with the help of newcomer Marcus, played by Frank Fiola, their small bit of peace in orbit is disrupted by a force large and indecipherable. The entity knocks the ship into bits, leaving Fowler incapacitated and Marcus disappeared into the sea of space.

The new clip sets personal investment to the characters and deepens the mystery at hand, offering a look into a force both otherworldly and apocalyptic. Moonfall will tell the story of Fowler and Harper as they seek to find answers to their own catastrophic experience and try to stop the potential end of the world.

Berry and Wilson are joined by John Bradley of Game of Thrones, who plays a conspiracy theorist and unlikely ally in their pursuit. Also joining the cast is film legend Donald Sutherland who plays Holdenfield, the secret keeper for NASA who, in a previous trailer, revealed the secret behind the moon landing.

Moonfall comes to theaters on February 4, 2022, but check out the first five minutes of Moonfall below.


via Collider

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