‘Severance’ Trailer Reveals Ben Stiller’s Apple TV+ Drama!! Check It Out!!

Apple TV+ has unveiled the first teaser trailer for the upcoming drama series Severance, which hails from director and executive producer Ben Stiller and stars Adam Scott. Accompanied with this teaser is the long-awaited premiere date reveal; the first two episodes of the show will debut globally on February 18, 2022, followed by new weekly installments each Friday during its nine-episode season.

The newly released teaser makes quick work of setting the mysterious chilling tone to expect for the show. Viewers are immediately introduced to the cast of the show as they “freely” give consent to have the link between their personal and workplace memories severed. While this might sound ideal as the overlap between work life and personal life can often be overwhelming, the background music, visual choices, and cinematography quickly remind viewers that there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

Severance has an impressive cast going for it. In addition to Scott, who is best known for his tenure on Parks and Recreation, and Patricia Arquette, widely known for her roles in Boyhood and Escape at Dannemora, other cast members include Academy Award-winning actors Christopher Walken and Emmy Award-winning John Turturro, alongside Britt Lower, Zach Cherry, Dichen Lachman, Jen Tullock, Tramell Tillman, and Michael Chernus. Both Arquette and Scott will wear the additional hats of producers.

The upcoming workplace thriller was created and written by Dan Erickson, who will serve as executive producer alongside Mark Friedman, Chris Black, John Cameron, and Andrew Colville. The show will be directed by Stiller, who will also serve as executive producer alongside Nicky Weinstock and Jackie Cohn through Red Hour Productions. Endeavor Content serves as the studio.

As earlier mentioned, the upcoming show will debut on February 18, 2022, on Apple TV+. Its 2022 release date lands Severance in good company, as the show joins a slew of high-profile releases coming to the streaming service next year; this includes – but is not limited to – Suspicion, The Tragedy Of Macbeth, and The Afterparty, among others.

Check out the teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Severance below:

Here’s the official synopsis for Severance:

In “Severance,” Mark Scout (Adam Scott) leads a team at Lumon Industries, whose employees have undergone a severance procedure, which surgically divides their memories between their work and personal lives. This daring experiment in ‘work-life balance’ is called into question as Mark finds himself at the center of an unraveling mystery that will force him to confront the true nature of his work… and of himself.


via Collider

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