‘American Dad’ Renewed for Season 18 and 19!!!

Good morning, USA! TBS announced it’s bringing back American Dad! for another two seasons ahead of its 17th season premiere. Series co-creator Matt Weitzman and executive producer Brian Boyle will continue running the nearly 17-year-old show. Coming into the new season, the show ranks as the #3 comedy on all of cable.

It’s a monumental feat for the show to make it this far, though even more so when considering it was quietly taken off the air at Fox back in 2014 due to low ratings. TBS snapped up the show and hasn’t looked back ever since, with season 19 marking the show’s ninth full season as a TBS exclusive. “American Dad! is reaching rarified air with 18th and 19th season pickups that only a handful of shows have ever accomplished,” said Adrienne O’Riain and Sam Linsky, the co-heads of scripted programming at TBS, TNT, and truTV. “This speaks to the zeitgeisty humor that resonates with audiences, and to the dedication of its creators and brilliant TBS network executives.”

American Dad! was one of Seth MacFarlane‘s multitude of animated shows from the 2000s, following the ultra-conservative CIA dad Stan Smith (MacFarlane), his loving wife Francine (Wendy Schaal), hardcore leftist activist daughter Haley (Rachael MacFarlane), geeky, girl-crazy son Steve (Scott Grimes), talking fish with the mind of a German Olympic skiing champion Klaus (Dee Bradley Baker), and the enigmatic, crass, and costume-loving alien Roger (MacFarlane). MacFarlane co-created the show for 20th Television Animation alongside Weitzman and Mike Barker. He also executive produced the show with Boyle and Weitzman.

Following American Dad!‘s renewal, Weitzman released a rather hilarious statement celebrating the long run of the show as a ruiner of young minds:

We are all so grateful to TBS for this two-season pickup. Getting seasons 18 and 19 means we will finally be able to tell the stories we only dreamed of telling in seasons 16 and 17. Much thanks also to everyone at 20th Television Animation for all their continued support of American Dad’s many years of corrupting our nation’s, nay, the world’s youth…most of whom are now about to turn 40.

Boyle followed suit, poking fun at the hand that feeds in the process:

We’re so happy TBS wants us to keep going! And this two-season pickup is emblematic of the efficiency TBS is known for – they work half, and we work double. Since we started our collaboration with TBS, they have let us take the show any direction we wish – undirected – because they are wise enough to value the free imaginations of the half insane. At least to sell naked chicken chalupas or whatever.

American Dad! returns to TBS for season 17 on Monday, January 24 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.


via Collider

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