‘Batwoman’ Season 3: New Teaser Reveals First Look at Poison Ivy!! Check It Out!!

A new promo for the return of Batwoman Season 3 has been unveiled which showcases the first appearance of Jane the Virgin star Bridget Regan as Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley in addition to a closer look at Marquis Jet (Nick Creegan) as both characters take on their roles as the new villains of the season. It seems like Batwoman will soon have her own Rolodex of villains that may end up haunting the halls of Arkham Asylum.

Mary Hamilton’s (Nicole Kang) heel-turn from ally to villain has been one of the main parts of the latest season of the CW series, with Mary having been infected with one of the former Poison Ivy’s plants. Given that she’s now working with Alice (Rachel Skarsten) in order to get her a full blood transfusion, Mary’s part in the story continues to grow alongside her unexpected powers as Ryan Wilder/Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) tries to save her friend.

Marquis Jet, however, will also be keeping Batwoman busy as the executive vice-president of Jeturian Industries has now taken over Wayne Enterprises to boot. With him holding Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) hostage, his reference to making everyone smile, and the final laugh in the revealed promo, it is safe to say that a new Joker may also be rising alongside Poison Mary.

It seems as if Batwoman is going to have her hands full during the second half of Season 3. Between trying to save her friend from the grasp of a powerful villainess and reining in Marquis, who seems dead set on becoming as notorious as the Clown Prince of Crime, Batwoman’s Season 3 will definitely give fans a unique take on the classic villains they’ve been waiting for. More fan-favorite characters have also arrived on the scene, with Gotham‘s Victoria Cartagena playing a new version of Renee Montoya who has previous romantic connections to Poison Ivy. Regan‘s casting was announced back in August, and the character’s arrival on the CW series has been a source of significant anticipation for fans.

All-new episodes of Batwoman will premiere on The CW beginning January 12. Check out the promo which reveals Regan as Poison Ivy below:


via Collider

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