‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Release Delayed to to March 24, 2023!!

On the day that Keanu Reeves’ The Matrix Resurrections comes to theaters, John Wick 4 – which was originally scheduled to be released on the same day as the latest Matrix film – has been pushed from its May 2022 release date to March 24, 2023.

The series, which stars Reeves as John Wick, has delighted fans of the actor and intense action movies and was originally set for this year along with The Matrix Resurrections. Sadly, our year of Keanu movies has been impacted and it seems now that John Wick 4 won’t make a 2022 release date at all.

Reeves stars in the John Wick franchise as a retired hitman who is brought back into the underground world of assassins when someone comes for his beloved dog, The John Wick movies have proven to us all once more just how good Reeves is. An action star of the highest caliber, there’s a reason that fans were excited when it seemed as if we were going to spend the entire day in the movie theaters just watching Reeves’ movies.

The trailer released with the new release date features operators working at their phones and opening a file on John Wick, typing into their computers that John Wick: Chapter 4 will be heading to us in 2023 with a “be seeing you” message at the end of it. We’re still in an uncertain landscape about movie theaters and release dates, but it’s still a shame to see John Wick: Chapter 4 pushed back once more. At the very least, we know that The Continental, Starz‘s prequel miniseries set in the world of John Wick is also on the way, and will star Colin Woodell and Mel Gibson.

Fans can get their Reeves fix with the release of The Matrix Resurrections, which is now available on HBO Max and in movie theaters. But in the meantime, at least we have three previous John Wick movies to keep us going until March of 2023, right? Check out the video announcing John Wick: Chapter 4‘s release date push below.


via Collider

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