‘After Life’ Season 3 Trailer Glimpses at the Final Season!! Check It Out!!

As we approach the third and final season of the dark comedic series, After Life, Netflix has dropped a trailer to hold fans over until the newest season hits the streaming service on January 14. Emmy award-winning actor Ricky Gervais created the binge-able series that he also produces, directs, writes, and stars in.

After Life follows the story of a newspaper writer named Tony Johnson (Gervais) as he grapples with grief following the death of his wife, Lisa (Kerry Godliman). Prior to the loss of Lisa, Tony was a kind, easy-going guy that rolled with the punches and kept his inner thoughts primarily to himself. After Lisa loses her battle with cancer, Tony makes the decision to move forward in life by being his truest self and no longer holding things in no matter who he may offend or hurt. Giddy to take on the world in this new and exciting way, the plan quickly backfires as his family and friends, who love him more than he realizes, rally around the grieving widower and immediately take action in an attempt to bring back the old, less cynical Tony.

Joining Gervais and Godliman to fill out the ensemble cast are many familiar faces from British television and film including Diane Morgan (Cunk on Britain), Mandeep Dhillon (Some Girls), Ashley Jensen (Extras), Paul Kaye (The Sunday Show), Roisin Conaty (GameFace), David Earl (Derek), Penelope Wilton (Ever Decreasing Circles), Joe Wilkinson (The Cockfields), David Bradley (Game of Thrones), and Jo Hartley (Sweetheart).

In the Season 3 trailer, which is sure to bring tears to your eyes, we see that Tony is possibly making a 180 turn, as he begins to realize that being kind and caring is what makes life enjoyable. Still reeling from the loss of his wife and dealing with the more recent passing of his father, we see Tony, with his beloved German shepherd Brandy at his side, carrying out his father’s final wishes—scattering his ashes at his favorite places. Through a heartfelt trailer that shows us the change in Tony’s lackadaisical belief system, we also see the underlying laugh-out-loud comedy that pulls this series about the deep pits of grief together.

You can check out the full trailer for Season 3 below and binge the first two seasons on Netflix before After Life returns to the streaming service for its final season on January 14.


via Collider

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