‘John Carpenter Live: Behind The Scenes’ Trailer Teases Footage From the Filmmaker’s First Concert Tour!! Check It Out!!

When you think of John Carpenter, you instantly think of the King of Horror. Now in a tweet shared by “The Horror Master” himself, we got a teaser for the documentary that shows live performances of Carpenter (who is also a master composer) as well as signings, meetings, and more as we look into the man who brought us such classics as Escape From New York as well as Big Trouble in Little China and more. Titled John Carpenter Live Behind the Scenes, fans will get a personal look at the filmmaker with plenty of content to keep fans of his horror films happy.

What makes Carpenter such a legend is the fact that many of his films are scored by himself. The iconic director and composer knows how to scare his audiences and keep them on the edge of their seat in suspense. Who hasn’t heard the score from Carpenter‘s Halloween and instantly feared for what was to come next? But it has led into a fanbase who loves all of what Carpenter has given us and getting to look at his tour life through his own journey is going to be incredible!

Within the tweet, Carpenter describes the documentary in the following bullet points: “Get an exclusive look at life on the road, during my 2016 world tour. Never before seen interviews with the band and crew. Live rehearsals. Signings & more.” Which, for anyone who grew up loving Carpenter‘s Halloween movies, this is incredibly exciting. While he is a man with many talents and many movies to his name, there is something about the store of Michael Myers that has brought audiences into his world time and time again (literally, there are over ten movies but not all of them were directed by Carpenter).

The world of Michael returned to us all with the David Gordon Green series starting with Halloween and including the Jamie Lee Curtis-led titles Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. It shows not only the staying power of Michael Myers but also the excellence of Carpenter and his work. So getting to see a tour through the eyes of Carpenter, the master of horror we all know and love, is going to be a wonderfully frightful journey for fans of his work.

John Carpenter Live Behind the Scenes is coming in 2022 and we can’t wait to see what Carpenter has in store for us! Check out the teaser below:


via Collider

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