‘The Adam Project’ Set for March 11 Netflix Release!!

According to USA Today, Netflix has officially given a release date to The Adam Project, an upcoming Shawn Levy film starring Ryan Reynolds. The film will premiere on Netflix on March 11, following closely in the footsteps of this past August’s Free Guy. That film was one of the hottest hits of this past summer, so it makes sense that Netflix would want to capitalize on that momentum as soon as they can.

The Adam Project stars Reynolds as Adam, a man who needs to travel back in time to face his late father. Newcomer Walker Scobell plays the young Adam, with the two needing to work together on the mission. Mark Ruffalo portrays their father, while Jennifer Garner is their mother. Zoe Saldaña, Catherine Keener, and Alex Mallari Jr. co-star in currently undisclosed roles. Filming began in November of 2020 and wrapped this past March. Netflix took over the film from Paramount, where it was initially announced in October 2012 with Tom Cruise to star, under the title Our Name is Adam.

Both Levy and Reynolds are hot off the success of Free Guy, which grossed around $121.5 million domestically and was a surprise hit with critics. That film took a very unique concept not based on an existing IP, and The Adam Project sounds to be very much in the same vein. Jonathan Tropper (This Is Where I Leave You), T.S. Nowlin (The Maze Runner), and Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin (Big Mouth) serve as the screenwriters. Nowlin had been attached to this project since its initial inception at Paramount.

The film marks Levy‘s latest directorial effort, though he is a producer on the upcoming Sesame Street film, as well as the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. As for Reynolds, this year will also see the release of Spirited, where he will star as a Scrooge-like character opposite a jovial Will Ferrell in the Christmas musical. That film will be coming to AppleTV+, likely around the holiday season. Audiences are also eager to see Reynolds suit up once again as Deadpool, a development that has become a bit uncertain amidst Disney‘s acquisition of Fox.

The Adam Project will arrive on Netflix on March 11.


via Collider

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