‘Hawkeye’: New Featurette Focuses on Lucky the Pizza Dog!! Check It Out!!

A new featurette for Hawkeye focuses on its furriest star, Jolt, the female golden retriever who plays Lucky the Pizza Dog, Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) and Clint’s (Jeremy Renner) loyal, furry companion. In a world where animals are digitally added to film and series as standard practice, Hawkeye’s new featurette also reveals Jolt did all her stunts, an impressive feat that deserves all the treats she can eat.

In the new featurette, VFX supervisor Greg Steele confirms that “Lucky was one hundred percent the real dog at all times.” Instead of having a CGI model ready to replace Jolt in the more challenging scenes, the team just let the good girl shine on set, as “she was able to pull everything off exactly as [Hawkeye’s crew] had hoped.”

The only VFX treatment Jolt received was the digital removal of her left eye, since Lucky in the comics is a one-eyed stray dog — rescued in the series by Kate Bishop in her first confrontation against the Tracksuit Mafia. Even if Jolt is an outstanding pet actress, the fluffy star has both her eyes, which means she had to get some digital make-up to get into the role of Lucky. Adding Lucky’s wink digitally also prevented Jolt from wearing any patch on set, giving her all the freedom she needed to steal the show.

Created by Jonathan Igla for Disney+, Hawkeye’s cast also includes Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Alaqua Cox, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, and Florence Pugh, reprising her role as Yelena Belova from Black Widow. Hawkeye also brought back a fan-favorite character from Netflix‘s Daredevil series, in the form of Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Wilson Fisk, better known as Kingpin.

There’s still no official news regarding a possible season two for the series — however, series director Rhys Thomas says he’s thankful for the show’s warm reception and would be willing to come back. Speaking with Collider, Thomas said:

“I cannot speak to future plans in the tradition of secrecy. Again, the show coming out, you never know how it’s going to be received and it has been amazing to see how warmly people have taken it and enjoyed it. And it’s been great to see Hailee’s character embraced and sort of land so firmly in the MCU. I sincerely look forward to where that character goes next. And yes, I loved walking on the streets of the MCU and would gladly enjoy doing it again.”

All episodes of Hawkeye are streaming exclusively on Disney+. Check out the new featurette below:


via Collider

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