‘The White Lotus’: Aubrey Plaza Joins Season 2 Cast!!

The White Lotus took fans by storm when the show premiered on HBO this year and now the series has added Aubrey Plaza to season 2! Season 1, which brought us the mysterious death of someone in episode 1 and then transported us through everyone’s time at the White Lotus resort in Hawaii, was a brilliant and hilarious show with an all-star cast of Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton, Steven Zhan, and more.

Plaza will be playing Harper Spiller, a woman on vacation with her husband and his friends, according to Variety. Plaza, who is known for her work as April Ludgate in the hit NBC comedy Parks and Recreations as well as her work in Legion, Happiest Season, and Black Bear, has become something of a powerhouse throughout the years, giving audiences iconic characters.

Created by Mike White, the show was stacked with an all-star cast and a mix of twists and turns that had audiences tuning in every week. But there is something so wonderfully addictive by the dysfunction of the White Lotus resort that White brought to the story, and makes another season even more intriguing.

The White Lotus is a look at the elite on vacation and just how far their obsession with money and the illusion of wealth will take them. With characters like Jennifer Coolidge‘s Tanya focused on her grief and ignoring the pain she is causing characters like Nathasha Rothwell‘s Belinda, it is a fascinating look into the wealth of resort culture and the mindset of those who don’t have to worry about money and the “problems” they seem to prioritize.

Including the energy of Plaza in a show like The White Lotus just makes sense. Her dry-sense of humor has made her a household name and with the odd yet addictive energy of the third season, Plaza seems like a great fit for the show. We won’t be at the same resort as season 2 is taking us to a different White Lotus location but having Plaza join the cast that is already stacked with The Sopranos alum Michael Imperioli and the rumored return of Coolidge should have fans excited.

We can’t wait to see where The White Lotus takes us with season 2 but if Plaza is there, we’re excited.


via Collider

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