‘The Other Hamilton’: Steven Soderbergh, Don Cheadle Producing HBO Max Series About First Black Wall Street Millionaire!!

The duo that worked together to bring us 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven is teaming up once again to tell another story about scamming, cheating and scoring huge amounts of money. As Variety reports, Steven Soderbergh and Don Cheadle are executive producing The Other Hamilton for HBO Max, a drama series set to chronicle the true story of Jeremiah Hamilton, a Haitian immigrant that scammed his way to the high ranks of Wall Street, and became the financial district’s first Black millionaire.

Cheadle and Soderbergh have reportedly assembled a team of screenwriters and executive producers hailing from several critically-acclaimed shows. Carlos Foglia started his screenwriting career in the team of Prime Video’s Lore and recently wrote for Peacock’s The Lost Symbol; Emmy winner Ashley Nicole Black started out big writing for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and most recently for A Black Lady Sketch Show and Ted Lasso; Keith Josef Atkins has written for The Good Fight, Outer Banks and P-Valley.

The Other Hamilton is based on the best-selling book by author Shane White. Prince of Darkness: The Untold Story of Jeremiah G. Hamilton, Wall Street’s First Black Millionaire chronicles the story of a man who might have been a slave and made his way to Wall Street during the mid-nineteenth century. Through questionable and often illegal methods, he rose up to accumulate the fortune of two million dollars, which made him the richest Black man in the United States at the time – his fortune would correspond to approximately $250 million in today’s currency.

The “Prince of Darkness” in the title refers to the nickname Jeremiah G. Hamilton ended up getting after his scamming of insurance companies and taking advantage of other people’s losses came to light. The working title for the Soderbergh and Cheadle series, on the other hand, refers to Alexander Hamilton, the founding father who was also tied to finance as the first Secretary of the Treasury.

The upcoming series is just the latest production that is part of the three-year deal Soderbergh signed with HBO and HBO Max back in 2020. The deal has made possible several works from the acclaimed filmmaker, including the recent HBO Max original films No Sudden Move and the upcoming KIMI.

HBO Max is yet to release further details for The Other Hamilton, including a release date and cast.


via Collider

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