‘Zorro’: Robert Rodriguez, The CW Working on Female-Led Re-imagining!!

The CW has picked up a new series based on the timeless escapades of Zorro, Deadline reports. Unlike other remakes centered around the masked and caped avenger, this one will feature a woman in the titular role. Teaming up to pen the reimagining will be filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids) along with his sister, Rebecca Rodriguez, as well as Sean Tretta (Mayans M.C.).

Rebecca Rodriguez will direct the series which will follow the adventures of a young Latinx woman as she sorts through the truths and lies behind who killed her father. On her journey for the truth, she is inducted into a secret society where she takes on a new alias as Zorro.

Rebecca and Robert Rodriguez and Tretta are joined in creating the series by Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens’ Propagate. The Rodriguez siblings were previously working on the series for NBC, but moved to CBS and picked up Tretta, who will also act as showrunner. Robert and Rebecca Rodriguez, Tretta, Silverman, Geoff Clark, and Eric Bromberg, will executive produce alongside Propagate’s Owens and Rodney Ferrell. President and CEO of Zorro Productions, Inc., John Gertz will also executive produce with Jay Weisleder.

Zorro has had quite a journey before landing on CBS as part of Propagate’s first-look deal with the studio. The show has moved through multiple writers and at one point, Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara was even signed on to serve as an executive producer of which she is no longer.

No stranger to the world of Zorro, Robert Rodriguez had a hand in 1998’s The Mask of Zorro and even gave Antonio Banderas his iconic role as the masked vigilante before bailing on the film. He is known for his work in a long list of films including cult classic, Machete, neo-noir action feature, Sin City, and possibly most notoriously, From Dusk Till Dawn. Currently, he is working on Disney+’s newest Star Wars based spin-off, The Book of Boba Fett as an executive producer and director. Rodriguez’s directorial work was also showcased on a recent episode of The Mandalorian.

Rebecca Rodriguez has a full background directing action packed and drama filled episodes of television including Snowpiercer, Doom Patrol, The Chi, and Mayans M.C. Each of these credits prove that she will shine in the director’s seat for what sounds to be a heartfelt and action packed recreation of Zorro.

Now that the series has settled on a home studio, the creative team can really dig in. We can’t wait to hear more updates (including cast announcements!) for the CW’s Zorro.


via Collider

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