‘The Home’: ‘The Purge’ Creator’s Next Horror Movie Adds Pete Davidson!!


Pete Davidson has just officially signed on to star in The Home, a new horror film from James DeMonaco. DeMonaco is known for creating the long-running Purge franchise. Davidson hasn’t done much work in the horror genre, so this will be an interesting change of pace for the comedian.

The movie is currently being described as a horror-thriller about a young man with demons from his past who takes a job at a retirement home. The residents and staff of the home are not what they seem, and the new employee gets in over his head when he explores the building and its off-limits fourth floor. Davidson’s character will soon start to realize he has been connected to a dark secret since his childhood in foster care.

DeMonaco and Adam Canto are writing the screenplay while Miramax’s Bill Block and Sebastian K. Lemercier will serve as producers. Block produced David Gordon Green’s Halloween and its sequel Halloween Kills. DeMonaco wrote all of the Purge films and directed the first three, as well as serving as the creator of the spin-off series of the same name. His last directorial effort, the coming-of-age drama This is the Night starring Naomi Watts and Frank Grillo, was a big deviation from his previous work, but The Home seems to be a return to form.

It was implied last year that Davidson was leaving Saturday Night Live, and even if that isn’t exactly the case, he has signed on to appear in a number of upcoming films recently. There are a few comedic titles, including Meet Cute co-starring Kaley Cuoco, but many of them are much darker than the work Pete Davidson usually does. These new films include Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, Good Mourning with a U, and The Things They Carried.

Very little is known about The Home presently, except that it is in the early stages of development.


via Collider

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