‘Sanditon’ Season 2 Reveals First Preview!! Check It Out!!

Masterpiece PBS has just released a new trailer for Season 2 of Sanditon, the serialized adaptation of the unfinished Jane Austen novel of the same name. The trailer gives us a new look at the beachside town and the stirring drama of its inhabitants. Sanditon Season 2 will premiere Sunday, March 20 at 9 PM ET on Masterpiece on PBS.

The second season takes place nine months after the end of the first, and as the trailer shows, much has changed. Series protagonist Charlotte Heywood, played by Rose Williams, is shown in the trailer returning to Sanditon, where much drama and heartbreak took place for her only months before. The trailer features glimpses into her and her neighbors’ upcoming adventures and drama. What is in store for Charlotte in the second season? Chastened by her heartbreak in the first season, Charlotte has taken on a more jaded perspective on life. “Love,” she says in the new trailer, “is not as simple as you seem to think.” And this, certainly, will be true for her as she is met with not one but two suitors upon her return to Sanditon.

The trailer also teases at plot developments for other characters as well, such as Georgiana Lambe, played by Crystal Clarke, who is in her last summer before her 21st birthday. Georgiana will try, in this summer, to forge her own identity in a world that is eager to suppress a woman’s individuality. She will also plunge herself into the chaotic waters of love, but her attempts might cause more harm than good.

Charlotte is joined this season by her younger sister Alison, played by series newcomer Rosie Graham, who is after her own happiness. Along with these romantic adventures, the second season will also follow the Parker family as they attempt to rebuild Sanditon after the events of the first season. Along with fan favorites from the first season, some new characters will be joining the series, these include Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Alexander Colbourne and Tom Weston-Jones as Colonel Francis Lennox. Other new cast additions include Maxim Ays, Frank Blake, and Alexander Vlahos.

The series is created by Andrew Davies. The first season originally aired in 2019, leaving over two years for audiences to anticipate the follow-up season. Sanditon Season 2 will premiere Sunday, March 20 at 9 PM ET and 8 PM CT on Masterpiece on PBS. In the meantime, you can take a look at the new trailer below:


via Collider

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