‘Halloween Ends’: First Look Teases the Final Film’s Trio of Heroines!! Check It Out!!

The filming of Halloween Ends is now underway, and earlier this week fans got their first official image from the highly anticipated trilogy capper, shared by legacy star Jamie Lee Curtis. That image was just of Curtis’ Laurie Strode, but now the Halloween icon has shared another new image, giving us a first look at Kyle Richards’ Lindsey Wallace and Andi Matichak’s Allyson Nelson.

The photo is a group shot of Curtis, Richards, and Matichak in what looks to be the same Haddonfield bar from Halloween Kills, given the pool table and neon lights in the background as well as the chip bowl in front of them. It is also worth noting that Curtis’ Laurie is wearing the same outfit seen in the previously shared image. The caption accompanying the image reads, “Together till the end! Lindsey, Laurie, Allyson”.

The context of the photo is not clear, given that it is just a promotional image, but it is probably Halloween night or at least near the dreaded holiday, and it may be safe to assume that the three are together to honor the victims of Michael Myers, including everyone the three of them lost in 2018’s Halloween. The body count in Halloween and Halloween Kills was high to say the least, and Laurie, Allyson, and Lindsey represent the core characters that are left standing. This somber image only reminds us of all the painful losses and the potential for even more major deaths in this new film.

Lindsey lost her best friend in Tommy Doyle, Laurie lost her daughter Karen on top of her best friends who died in 1978, and Allyson lost both her parents, boyfriend, and her entire friend group in the span of one torturous night. We saw a bit of how each character was affected by their losses in the immediate aftermath in Kills, but it will be interesting to see how this story, which takes place four years after the last film, is going to show their trauma.

Michael Myers is still at large in Halloween Ends, and how the remaining Strodes along with Lindsey deal with that haunting fact remains to be seen. This film is also set to tackle current real world issues on top of the existing stress caused by a masked serial killer being on the loose, so the survivors of Michael Myers are seemingly in for a world of hurt. We are in the endgame now, and being a legacy character does not mean you are safe anymore. Tommy Doyle, Leigh Brackett, Marion Chambers, and Karen Nelson are all dead now. This leaves Laurie, Allyson, and Lindsey as Haddonfield’s last hope against the curse of Michael Myers.

Will any of them make it out alive, or will Michael Myers’ legend live on? Audiences everywhere will find out on October 14, when Halloween Ends slashes its way to theaters. Check out the new image below:


via Collider

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