‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Featurette Focuses on the 3 Spider-Men Suiting Up!! Check It Out!!

The 3-headed cat or, in this case, spider has been out of the bag for a while now, and we are, of course, talking about Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield both returning as their version of Spider-Man alongside Tom Holland in last year’s mega-blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home. This epic film is finally coming to Digital and Blu-ray very soon, and one of the most highly anticipated things about this release is seeing 20 more minutes of all 3 Spider-Men together in costume. In yet another tease for the upcoming release, Sony released another featurette of Holland, Maguire, and Garfield talking about suiting up once again.

The 1-minute video starts with everyone’s new favorite trio joking about dancing and cuddling in the suits to knock off the cobwebs before Holland jokes about the surreal nature of having a photoshoot with “two lads in lycra,” which is the fabric their suits are made out of. The video then cuts to a montage of the three endlessly laughing, hugging, and hilarious images like Holland and Garfield taking a prom photo in their suits. However, the nonstop joy only starts there as we get into the main part of the video, where Maguire talks about getting back into the headspace of Spider-Man.

Maguire speaks thoughtfully about getting back in his spidey-suit:

“The suit can definitely be a challenge at times when you have to get in the full thing. Then, by getting comfortable in it, there is something fun — yeah, it just helps as an actor when you get in your costume you begin to feel it more and embody it more. I’m still processing it. It’s all happening still. I’m catching up.”

This leads to a hilarious exchange between the three of them where Garfield jokes about Maguire “getting free pretty quick.” Maguire starts to laugh, and the video finishes with the group giggling over the suit’s unexplainable energy.

The highlight of No Way Home was seeing these three different generations of Spider-Men bond like they were brothers, and this video further pushes that heartwarming feeling home. Particularly with Maguire, it is great to see how much fun he had returning to the role that made him famous 20 years ago — watching him dance joyfully in his Spider-Man costume is one of the best second-hand euphoric experiences a person can have. It still does not feel real all these months later, but seeing these three together is like reliving the unbelievable experience all over again.

Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out on Digital March 22nd and Blu-ray on April 12th. You can watch the full smile-inducing featurette down below.

via Collider

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