‘God of War’: Amazon Prime Video Eyeing TV Series Adaptation!!

Amazon may be looking for another ride on the video game adaptation train. Between their upcoming series based in the Fallout universe with Walton Goggins and a Mass Effect show coming in the future, the company has been rather aggressive in tapping the gaming sphere for content, a trend that’s becoming all the more common Hollywood as of late. Now, per a report from Deadline, they’re eying PlayStation‘s blockbuster God of War franchise for their next big live-action series.

The potential series would see Prime Video team up with Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions to bring the action-packed mythological adventure to the small screen with The Expanse creators Mark Fergus and Hawk Otsby as well as The Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins in charge. If it goes through, it’ll be the latest in a string of PlayStation exclusive games to get the live action treatment. Twisted Metal and The Last of Us both have series coming from Peacock and HBO respectively, while Uncharted recently got the blockbuster treatment. A Ghost of Tsushima film is also in the works from Chad Stahelski of John Wick fame.

God of War would be a perfect candidate for the sort of big budget, live action adventure Prime Video is looking for. The original trilogy of games and the surrounding spinoffs were already big hits for Sony Santa Monica Studios, following the rage-filled Kratos as he slaughtered his way through the Greek pantheon as revenge for the death of his family. The Ghost of Sparta has experienced a renaissance as of late thanks to the massive, Norse themed reboot of the series in 2018 that’s commonly hailed as one of PlayStation‘s best exclusives. In it, Kratos ventures out with his son Atreus to scatter his wife’s ashes as she requested, only to be faced with fierce Nordic beasts and deities along their journey. The sequel, God of War Ragnarök, is slated to release in June.

While Amazon has proven the biggest factor in creating live action video game shows, other platforms have their own high profile series on the way. Perhaps the largest and highest budget of them all is Paramount+‘s Halo which looks to bring the large scale, space combat exploits of Master Chief to viewers later this month. Netflix is also developing a Resident Evil live action show featuring Lance Reddick as the infamous, sunglasses-donning Albert Wesker.

With the crew they have on board so far and Sony executives involved as producers, a God of War Prime Video series sounds like it could match the grand, gory scale of the source material. There’s also no indication of whether this series will start from the beginning of Kratos’ story or skip directly to the Norse dad era of the Ghost of Sparta’s journey. Either way, there’s a good show to be made here if Amazon closes the deal.


via Collider

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