‘Woke’ Season 2 Trailer Teases the Struggle in Balancing Art and Activism!! Check It Out!!

Key art for season 2 on ‘Woke’ on Hulu.
Credit: HULU

The sophomore season of Hulu’s Woke is just around the corner. To celebrate the approaching release date, the streaming platform has released a new trailer from the upcoming season.

The first season of Woke followed Keef Knight, a black cartoonist, who shied away from controversial viewpoints, preferring to keep things light. After being assaulted by an aggressive police officer who racially profiled him, the cartoonist is left traumatized and is now able to communicate with inanimate objects. The encounter leads to a more sensitive Keef now awakened to everyday microaggressions and discrimination he’d previously avoided and ignored. On the verge of mainstream success, Keef Knight must learn to navigate his career and relationships through new lenses. The season sees Keef’s journey to embrace parts of himself he had run away from as he is pushed into activism as a result of his experience.

Though the subject matter is heavy, the TV show uses surreal humor and animated elements to earn its spot in the comedy genre. The second season is set to take the story a step further by revisiting Keef as a popular activist on the rise. Realizing that being ‘woke’ is big business, Keef must learn to navigate this new world if he wants to bring about real change and remain unaffected by the money.

The newly released trailer shows Keef’s heightened profile as an “artivist” who now has fifteen thousand followers on social media. With his new profile comes new opportunities, including headlining a protest. The two-minute clip touches on familiar beats, tropes and comedy that made the first season a success. The new trailer presents evidence that the upcoming season will keep in tandem with Season One’s intention to satirize and engage polarizing topics about race and culture in today’s world.

An interesting point the trailer makes is that Keef wants to use his platform to tackle other issues worthy of interest. A storyline similar to this is included in the third season of Grown-ish when Aaron Jackson (played by Trevor Jackson) tries to use his platform in a similar manner after he is arrested for putting up posters around the university. While both shows play this plot line in a comedic manner, the sentiment remains the same – the added pressure on black activists to address every pressing social issue.

Interestingly, the series based on the life and work of Keith Knight, an American cartoonist and musician. Several moments and plot points from the show were pulled directly from Knight’s real life experiences.

Larmone Morris stars in the lead role of Keef Knight, appearing alongside Blake Anderson, T. Murph, Sasheer Zamata and JB Smoove. Woke was developed by Knight and Marshall Todd, who also serve as executive producers alongside Anthony King, Maurice “Mo” Marable, Richie Schwartz, John Will, Will Gluck, and Eric Christian Olsen. The comedy is also co-produced by Sony Pictures Television and ABC Signature.

The second season of Woke premieres with all eight episodes Friday, April 8 on Hulu. Watch the trailer for the new season below:


via Collider

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