‘Hard Cell’ Trailer Teases Catherine Tate’s Multiple Role Comedy Series!! Check It Out!!

Catherine Tate is making moves to grace screens everywhere in Netflix’s upcoming series, Hard Cell. A documentary-meets-reality show, Hard Cell pulls queues from productions like Summer Heights High and sees Tate playing multiple roles in HMP Woldsley, a fictional all-female prison.

The show will go inside the walls of the lock-up joint and follow the inmates and workers over a 6-week period while the women prepare for an upcoming musical performance. Throughout the episodes, audiences will watch as the prisoners grow their interpersonal relationships along with their faith in themselves. As for Tate, she’ll be taking on a slew of characters including Governor, Laura Willis and Big Viv. A glass-half-full kind of gal, Laura Willis believes that given the proper creative-based tools, the women in lock-up can move past their limitations behind bars. Meanwhile, Tate’s Big Viv is a cutthroat and unhinged inmate serving a life sentence. Along with starring in Hard Cell, Tate also dreamt up and penned the series.

The trailer opens on some hilarious introductions as Governor Willis is speaking directly to the camera about the women serving time at Woldsley. Stating that 82% of women are in prison for non-violent crimes, she soon eats her words as she walks around a table questioning why those seated are finding themselves in this position. With answers ranging from stabbing an Uber driver to armed robbery, Willis quickly tells the camera person to “cut this stuff out.” While we are treated to clips of the women practicing their moves and songs for the musical, those behind the performance are feeling incredibly hesitant. Viewers are also introduced to a few side characters, some of whom love their jobs and others who have grown cynical. A piece of true comedic genius, the trailer left us counting down the days until the show’s release.

A household name in England, Tate first made waves with her sketch comedy series, The Catherine Tate Show. For her work in the global hit, the actress would nab nominations for seven BAFTAs as well as an International Emmy. Tate also appeared in Doctor Who as Donna Noble during the Tenth Doctor’s (David Tennant) run in 2008. In U.S. television, the comedian brought the laughs to living rooms everywhere when she appeared as the crass Nellie Bertram in The Office. First interviewing for the Regional Manager position in Season 7, she would reprise her role in Season 8 and stay with the employees at Dunder Mifflin until the show’s Season 9 finale.

Check out all the laughs for yourself in the Hard Cell trailer below:


via Collider

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