‘Blackhawks’: David Koepp Offers Update on DC Movie Which Steven Spielberg Might Direct!!

We’ve all long been waiting for Steven Spielberg‘s take on the modern superhero movie. Back in April 2018, to the surprise of many, Spielberg was announced as a producer and collaborator on a new DC movie about the lesser-known Blackhawks comic book series. Due to his focus on other major projects, such as the Oscar-nominated West Side Story, and presumably the pandemic, there has been little announced since 2018. However, in an interview with Collider, screenwriter David Koepp revealed that the script is “very good,” saying, “we all think it’s very good.” He went on to say:

“We all think it’s very good. There were a lot of management changes at Warner Bros, so I think we’ve just been kind of waiting for that to settle down. And for them to decide what they want to do with their DC Universe.”

While they are waiting for Warner Bros to have a clearer idea of the future of the DCEU, Koepp certainly seems excited about the film and is very eager for Spielberg to direct. “Obviously I hope he does it or if he doesn’t direct it, I hope he produces it, someone great directs. Because it would be a great deal of fun,” said Koepp.

While it may seem like an out of left field pick, the Blackhawks are an excellent fit for Spielberg‘s specialties. Introduced in 1941 and set during World War II, the Blackhawks are a small team of ace pilots from diverse backgrounds that fight tyranny. Their leader is also named Blackhawk, a Polish pilot with a personal vendetta against the Nazis and a particular Captain after seeing his family killed in front of him.

Recently, Blackhawks did appear in the Flashpoint comic book series, which will serve as the inspiration for the new Flash film. In live-action, a version of Blackhawk briefly appeared in Season 1 of Arrow as Ted Gaynor (Ben Browder), but this new film would be the Blackhawks’ biggest modern incarnation. Considering Spielberg’s long history with World War II films, including Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List, the Blackhawks lend themselves to his filmmaking sensibilities perfectly.

Koepp also clarified that the film would not include other characters from the DCEU, due to its period setting. However, he doesn’t seem opposed to that happening in the future, as comic books always have a great way of uniting characters even if they’re in different time periods or worlds. Regardless if it is a stand-alone film or becomes a significant part of the DCEU, Koepp‘s excitement for the script and the promise of this project is palpable, saying he is “very fond of the script and I hope it comes together.”

As Spielberg has some major projects coming up, such as Indiana Jones 5 and his semi-autobiographical film The Fabelmans, it may be a while before we see Blackhawks on the big screen. He is said to be co-producing the film with Kristie Macosko Krieger and Sue Kroll, but we are still waiting with bated breath to see if he will direct.

For all of the latest updates on Blackhawks, stay tuned at Collider!


via Collider

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