‘Quicksand’: Carolina Gaitán Joins Allan Hawco in Upcoming Colombian Thriller!!

Carolina Gaitán had a big year in 2021, starring as Pepa in the hit Disney animated musical Encanto. Now the Encanto star will dance out of the recording booth and straight into quicksand for her next project. Reported exclusively by Deadline, Gaitán will star in the thriller Quicksand opposite Allan Hawco. Andrés Beltrán is directing the film from a screenplay written by Matt Pitts.

This English-language film follows “a married couple on the brink of divorce who become trapped in quicksand while hiking through a Colombian rainforest. It’s a struggle for survival as they battle the elements of the jungle and must work together in order to escape.” The project is currently shooting in the Colombian capital of Bogotá and will be in production there for the next four weeks. The film is being produced by Las Vegas-based production company Sangre Films. This is a collaborative effort between Colombian’s Elemental Stories and U.S. companies 222 Pictures and Dawn’s Light Movies.

Jason Cherubini of Dawn’s Light Media, Nicolas Reyes of Elemental Stories, and Sean Patrick Burke of 222 Pictures are producing the project. Richard Switzer, Martin Ramos, John Harris, and Kris Meyer are also serving as executive producers.

When talking about the film, Beltrán stated, “When I started reading Matt’s script I couldn’t stop. It’s such a thrilling and suspenseful story that hooked me immediately. Having Carolina and Allan playing our leading roles makes this a dream project.” Co-Founder of Dawn’s Light Movies, Jason Cherubini, reiterated that same enthusiastic sentiment saying:

“We are excited to be working with such great and talented people, many of whom have done amazing work in Spanish speaking productions and to now be able to bring their work to English speaking audiences. Working with the team in Colombia to bring this project to life has been informative and exciting, the process is moving along well.”

As stated before, Gaitán is best known for her role in Encanto, but her other notable credits include shows like Narcos. The actress will be seen next this Sunday on the Oscars stage as she joins her co-stars in the first live performance of the hit song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”.

Overall, this sounds like an exciting and different kind of thriller than modern American audiences are used to. With a premise as dyer as this one, there is sure to be a lot of satisfying claustrophobic tension. The stress caused by a broken marriage is strong enough to support its own story. However, when you add in literal quicksand as a sort of metaphorical linchpin to the personal conflict at hand, you have the making of a uniquely intriguing thriller. It will also just be interesting to see how Gaitán and Hawco play off one another. Quicksand is currently filming now, so we are sure to find out more news soon. Including when this thriller will be making its way to the big screen.


via Collider

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