‘You’ Season 4 Adds More Regular and Recurring Cast!!

More fresh blood is heading to London to shoot for Season 4 of You. That’s right, Joe (Penn Badgley) is about to make some more new friends, enemies, and infatuations with a crazy amount of new casting additions announced today. Just to catch you up before we dive into just who will be joining the previously announced Badgley, Tati Gabrielle, Charlotte Ritchie, and Lukas Gage, let’s do a quick Season 3 recap. In the third installment of Netflix’s hit series, audiences watched as Joe Goldberg tried to make himself an honest man alongside his wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti), and their newborn son, Henry. Making a break for the quiet town of Madre Linda, Joe just can’t control himself and soon returns to his old shenanigans, bringing shocking and terrible consequences to everyone in his way. Getting clever in how to handle his new problems, Joe fakes his own death and packs his bags for Paris, hoping to catch up to his newest infatuation.

That wraps it up on Season 3, so let’s dig into the newly announced Season 4 regulars. First up is Tilly Keeper. Known for her work on the BBC soap, EastEnders, Keeper will appear in the fresh season as Lady Phoebe. Growing up in an aristocratic home, Phoebe took her life in the public eye and transformed herself into a popular face among fans. In a hot and heavy relationship with her American boyfriend Adam (Gage), a wild side exists within the young socialite that may prove to be her downfall.

Next up is Amy Leigh Hickman who has held roles in English shows including Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. Hickman will take on the role of book lover and aspiring author, Nadia. A bit of a misfit amongst her friends, Nadia harbors a dark side with secrets to match which may end up being more than she can handle. Holding the last regular spot is Eragon and Outlander star, Ed Speleers. Like Nadia, Speleers’s Rhys is also an author, but an already extremely successful one. His memoir was such a hit that fans pushed the young writer to pursue a political career. With a huge circle of friends and a personality that allows him to vibe with anyone, Rhys loves to bond with others as he makes up for the lack of close ties in his youth.

Moving right along to the recurring cast, we have Official Secrets actress, Niccy Lin. Playing a social media influencer named Sophie, Lin’s character is more than the picture perfect body that meets the eye. While she strives to make the most out of her experience on social media platforms (the most money that is,) she also reveals a softer side that can be seen in her tight-knit relationship with her brother, Simon. Speaking of Simon, he’ll be played by Harlots and Devils actor, Aidan Cheng. A smarty who keeps to himself, Simon’s genius is more than just his booksmarts. He’s also an incredible artist, something he holds much pride in. Zoo star, Stephen Hagan will be playing the well-to-do Malcolm. A literature professor with a penchant for drug fueled parties, Malcolm is the boyfriend of Kate (Ritchie) but is cheating on her with several other women.

Another member of the aristocratic high society, Roald will be played by Ben Wiggins’ (Anna and the Apocalypse). Although his family holds a celebrated legacy, the rumors surrounding Roald will threaten to burn it all to the ground. Party girl, Gemma, will be played by Eve Austin (Fearless). Wild and slightly unhinged, Gemma lives every day in search of the next party. Another member of royalty, this time as a Nigerian princess, Ozioma Whenu’s Blessing doesn’t have a lot of friends outside her university pals. A love for the road less traveled, Blessing is a cryptocurrency whiz and believes that the basis of The Matrix is the reality of this world.

Connie, played by Dario Coates (Coronation Street) is another of Kate’s friends from her collegiate studies at Oxford. A crass cocaine fueled young man, Connie is here for a good time, not a long time. Personal driver to Adam, Vic (Sean Pertwee) is almost ruthlessly loyal to his boss and friends. Wary of outsiders, Vic’s the kind of guy you wouldn’t mind slipping a secret to as he’ll be sure to keep it tight-lipped. The son of the head of a revered news corporation, Edward (Brad Alexander) is one of the top brains in his university. Things come to a head when Nadia threatens to beat him out as the most intellectual student.

Rounding out the recurring cast are Alison Pargeter (Chernobyl) and Adam James (Vigil) who will appear as Dawn and Elliot, respectively. A quick moving paparazzi photographer, Dawn is sure to keep the characters of this season on their feet as they try to keep their secrets to themselves. A Californian, the even-keeled Elliot travels across Europe for his uber successful company. Loyal to his boss, Elliot will make sure that no task goes undone.

And there you have it! The recurring and regular cast for Season 4 of You. With all the talent involved, it’s shaping up to be another season of terrific acting with a slew of twists and turns.


via Collider

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