‘You’ Season 4 Begins Filming!!

Netflix has kicked off their killer 2022 lineup with some of their most popular shows returning, like Bridgerton. However, one of the streamer’s most popular killers, Joe Goldberg, is set to return in You Season 4 in the near future. You has been one of the most zany, addictive, dark, and creatively fun shows currently on television. Season 4 has been in production for a bit, but now we know exactly where the series is filming. Thanks to Netflix, the location has been confirmed as London.

This might be a surprise to some fans, since Joe Goldberg ended his murderous Season 3 adventure in Paris. He was literally only in Paris in the final thirty seconds of last season, but any hope of Emily in Paris hilariously becoming Joe’s next unhealthy obsession has sadly been dashed. This announcement of London being the show’s setting also came with the nice behind-the-scenes photo of star Penn Badgley on set. It looks like he will be rocking a beard for at least some of the season, and Joe’s books are getting the respect they deserve as they have their own chair on set.

It is definitely going to be interesting to see how London affects the story being told. Whether it was New York City in the first season or LA in the second season, or the suburban lifestyle of last season, each location has been an exciting character in their own right. Where Joe lives has always molded the story. Just like the previous season, London will change how Joe looks at the world and how he thinks. This is the first time he is out of the United States, and that kind of fish-out-of-water story might be an exciting new mix up for the show.

It is hard to imagine what the series can do to top itself in Season 4. The last two seasons in particular have been some of the craziest television you will ever watch. Last season ended with Joe killing his equally crazy wife Love and burning down his house, so what this season’s story revolves around is anyone’s guess. Basically all we have confirmed right now is the London location and the new characters Joe’s world will see. The ensemble cast includes Tati Gabrielle, Charlotte Ritchie, Lukas Gage, Tilly Keeper, Amy Leigh Hickman, Ed Speleers, Niccy Lin, and Aidan Cheng.

You Season 4 does not have a confirmed release date yet, but fans can watch the first three seasons of the show on Netflix now. Check out the streamer’s post below:

via Collider

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