‘Coming Undone’: Billie Piper to Star in Netflix Adaptation of Memoir!!

Billie Piper is following up her BAFTA-nominated performance in I Hate Suzie with a new soon-to-be Netflix series. Deadline reports that the actress will take center stage and star in the streamer’s adaptation of Coming Undone. Written by Empire Magazine’s former editor-in-chief, Terri White, the book chronicles the uber-successful writer’s tangle with her own mental health.

Stemming from childhood traumas, White would eventually end up in a psychiatric ward following a mental and emotional breakdown. Fans praised the book for its vulnerable look at how childhood abuse and trauma can affect even those who seemingly have it all. Taking her talents off the crispy fresh pages of her book and reformatting them to be on-screen ready, White will adapt the new project. Bad Wolf will stand at the helm, with Piper also serving as one of the show’s executive producers.

A multi-hyphenated performer, Piper’s career goes far beyond that of her in front of camera appearances. At just fifteen, the young singer found herself holding down the number one position on the UK Singles Chart with her hit single, “Because We Want To.” She would land a platinum follow-up album before leaving the music studios behind in the pursuit of a new career in acting. Soon, she’d join one of the biggest sci-fi series ever, Doctor Who. Appearing on the show from 2005-2006 as Rose Tyler, Piper would then reprise her role in 2008, 2010, and 2013 in various capacities. Along with a slew of other titles added to her credit sheet, the actress nabbed a leading part in the supernatural series, Penny Dreadful, a role that not only would add to her fan count, but also to her critical acclaim.

Prior to her time as Empire’s editor-in-chief, White held the very same position at Time Out in New York. It would be a short stay for her, as the following year, she landed the role at Empire. The journalist would stay at Empire for six years before moving on. She currently writes as a columnist for The Sunday Times.

Combining an emotionally riveting and at times hard to watch story, with Piper’s celebrated background in acting, Coming Undone will be another chart topper for the streaming platform. While no other casting announcements for the upcoming series have been revealed, stay tuned to Collider for more information.

via Collider

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