‘To Catch A King’: Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope Are Adapting Charles Spencer’s Novel!!

Deadline is reporting that the academy award-nominated writing team of Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope will be adapting To Catch A King: Charles II’s Great Escape, the 2017 novel by Charles Spencer, the younger brother of Princess Diana. It is currently unknown if the writing pair intend to adapt the nonfiction historical novel into a film or series.

To Catch A King: Charles II’s Great Escape recounts the incredible true story of Charles II’s six weeks on the run throughout England following a failed attempt to lead an army to reclaim his father’s throne. Spencer wrote the novel based on historical archives and the writings of Samuel Pepys, an administrator of the Navy of England and Member of Parliament to who Charles II recounted his journey directly. Charles II’s time on the run has become the stuff of legend in the United Kingdom. From tales of hiding in a tree to escape troops chasing him to disguising himself as a servant to evade suspicion. Spencer’s book recounts the stories widely known and some that readers may not have heard.

While Spencer is likely most immediately recognized as Princess Diana’s brother, he has had a full career of his own. He has worked for years as a journalist, television broadcaster, and author. Spencer’s other novels include more historical non-fiction like The Sunday Times best-selling novel Blenheim: Battle for Europe.

Coogan and Pope are a writing team best known for their work together on the film Philomena, for which they were nominated for an Academy Award and won a BAFTA. They also wrote the upcoming drama The Lost King, about a historian trying to find the lost remains of King Richard III, which is due to release later this year.

Separately, Pope has written such works as the Laurel and Hardy biopic Stan & Ollie, and drama series like Mrs. Briggs and A Confession. Coogan is best known for writing and performing the popular British satire character Alan Partridge. As an actor, he has appeared in series like Happyish, and movies like Tropic Thunder, and the Night at the Museum franchise. Coogan can next be seen in the upcoming drama The Reckoning for BBC One, where he will be playing the serial sex offender Jimmy Savile. He will also be co-starring in The Lost King.

Currently, the project has only entered the writing phase and no actors or directors have become attached. Stay tuned to Collider for any updates on this adaptation of To Catch A King: Charles II’s Great Escape.

via Collider

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