‘Willow’ Adds Rosabell Laurenti Sellers in Recurring Role!!

Disney+ and Lucasfilm are casting more magical spells and adding Rosabell Laurenti Sellers to the call sheet for their upcoming series sequel of Willow. Deadline reports that Sellers’ character will use her quick thinking and clever ways to help achieve her ultimate goal. The series will be a new story centered around the beloved classic and will follow a princess and her entourage as they venture off into the unknown to save the princess’s twin brother.

Sellers will join a cast of some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars including Tony Revolori, Amer Chadha-Patel, Ellie Bamber, Ruby Cruz, Erin Kellyman, Talisa Garcia, and Warwick Davis who will reprise his role as the titular sorcerer from the original 1988 Ron Howard directed fantasy film of the same name.

Sellers made waves on HBO’s critically acclaimed series, Game of Thrones when she stepped into the role of the tough as nails, Tyene Sand. One of three sisters known as the Sand Snakes, Tyene was just as brutal and bloody as her two siblings. Shining as the daughter with perfect comedic timing, Tyene proved a force to be reckoned with during her run on the chart topping series. Though she met a bitter and unjustified end, much to the chagrin of longtime fans of the unfinished books, who didn’t love watching her kick butt week to week?

Prior to and coinciding with her time on Game of Thrones, the actress was starring on a much softer and more kid-friendly project, Nickelodeon’s Mia And Me. Moving on after her role as the knife-wielding, poison savvy Tyene Sand, Sellers nabbed a role in the underwhelming 2019 stock car racing flick, Trading Paint where she appeared alongside John Travolta. On the streaming side of things, she starred in another high anxiety series on Crackle Plus titled Spides. Along with Willow, fans can next catch her in What About Love, a romantic drama that focuses on family. The movie, which is currently in post-production, will see Sellers starring alongside Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia.

While little is known about the televised continuation of Willow, those who grew up with the original film know that audiences are in for a fantastical story with well-thought-out characters and a storyline to match. With production led by George Lucas, the special effects added a sense of wonder to the film, although we’re sure the sequel’s effects will blow those out of the water. With many of the original feature’s audience now grown up with little ones of their own, Sellers and the rest of the cast of Willow will be bringing that magic and wonder to an entirely new generation.

There is currently no release date for Willow.

via Collider

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