‘Downtown Owl’: Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater to Co-Direct Adaption!!

Sony Pictures is not playing around. Today, Deadline revealed that the motion picture company has hired some of Hollywood’s biggest names to star in their upcoming film, Downtown Owl. Talent with countless credits under their belts, the roll-out consists of Academy Award nominee Ed Harris, Lily Rabe, Vanessa Hudgens, Finn Wittrock, Jack Dylan Grazer, and August Blanco Rosenstein. Taking her talents behind the camera, Rabe will also use her creative eye as a director alongside co-director Hamish Linklater who penned the screenplay.

Adapting its story from Chuck Klosterman’s novel of the same name, audiences of Downtown Owl will find themselves transported to 1983 and dropped into the fictional country town of Owl, North Dakota. The original story follows the lives of three different characters in Owl whose lives are tied together during a record-breaking blizzard. Of the three, there’s an older gentleman named Horace who enjoys hanging around with his pals at the local coffee shop, indulging in the simple pleasures of life; Mitch, a brooding and solemn teenager who holds a spot as his high school’s back up quarterback; and Julia. Completely new to the area, English teacher Julia is about to bring the town more than they bargained for. While we aren’t sure how close the film version will follow the story, judging by the casting, we’re thinking they won’t stray too far.

Multi-Grammy Award-winning musician, T Bone Burnett will be in charge of music for the production. Fans of Bob Dylan’s work during the 1970s will know Burnett as his lead guitarist. On the film side of things, the musician’s work can be heard on projects including O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Cold Mountain, and Walk the Line. Rabe will add her name to the production team where she and Bettina Barrow will serve under their Kill Claudio Productions. Laura Rister and Lee Broda join as executive producers alongside co-executive producer Tom McLeod.

In a joint statement released by Hollywood power couple, Rabe and Linklater, the duo said:

We are so thrilled to have the opportunity, with this phenomenal cast, exquisite crew, and brilliant producing partners, to bring Chuck Klosterman’s human, haunting, and hilarious novel to the screen. We both grew up in small towns, towns that we love. The town of Owl, sweet and sour, has felt like home to us from the first read and we are elated to be making this love story about home into a movie.

While we do know the film is currently rolling its cameras in Minnesota, no release date has been set at this time. As always, we at Collider will keep you up to date with more information as it becomes available.

via Collider

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