‘Knock at the Cabin’: M. Night Shyamalan Starts Production on Next!!

M. Night Shyamalan is one of our more fascinating directors and now we’re getting his fifteenth film, as part of his deal with Universal. Titled Knock At The Cabin, there isn’t that much we know about the story but, then again, it’s a Shyamalan movie, so specific plot details aren’t exactly something you want to know beforehand.

“First day. First shot. Fifteenth feature! Knock at the Cabin #knockatthecabin” Shyamalan tweeted, and so we know the title of his fifteenth feature is Knock At The Cabin, and we know some of the cast. Stars Jonathan Groff and Ben Aldridge were previously announced for the film by Deadline and they joined stars Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint, and Nikki Amuka-Bird.

Fans are used to Shyamalan shocking us with a third-act twist that completely changes what we’ve seen, and it can be assumed that Knock At The Cabin will be no different, but it’s exciting to know that Shyamalan is back behind the camera yet again.

The last film fans got from Shyamalan was Old. The film was a return for form for the director who has been met with mixed reactions on his projects ever since the smash hit The Sixth Sense. Following a family who goes on vacation to a beach that traps everyone there as they quickly age, Old was one of those Shyamalan stories where what you think you know gets thrown out the window, and you’re left questioning everything.

The director has been teasing Knock At The Cabin ever since the release of Old and if Knock At The Cabin is anything like the rest of Shyamalan‘s filmography, we know that we’re in for a wild ride one way or another. With films like The Village and Split under his belt, Shyamalan keeps audiences engaged and ready for whatever story he’s bringing to us, and after the journey that Old took us on, there’s no telling what Knock At The Cabin has in store.

Directing fifteen movies is no easy feat — but for someone like Shyamalan, who has been working since 1992, it shows the power that his movies have for fans. Whether or not you’re a fan of things like Lady In The Water, there’s no denying that Shyamalan is one of our more interesting creatives, and Knock At The Cabin definitely has the cast to make this one of his best yet!

Check out Shyamalan‘s tweet announcing production here:

via Collider

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