‘Prehistoric Planet’ Trailer Teases Sir David Attenborough’s Dinosaur Documentary Series!! Check It Out!!

Whether you’re looking to wow your friends with new knowledge, are missing the days of Planet Earth, or pregaming for the arrival of Jurassic World Dominion, we’ve got your next animal and nature documentary obsession covered. Roaring onto Apple TV+ with new episodes daily between Monday, May 23 and Friday, May 27, witness the wonder of Prehistoric Planet. Let the soothing British accent of Sir David Attenborough guide you through the mesmerizing world of dinosaurs set to a goosebump-inducing soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. Travel back 66 million years, through water, forests, deserts, and more in this documentary series executive produced by Jon Favreau, Mike Gunton, and BBC Studios Natural History Unit. A newly released trailer reveals secrets surrounding the long decimated dinos and shows off the top-tier effects that will bring them back to life and right into your living room.

The awe-inspiring trailer displays a world where these scaled creatures ruled. Discoveries abound as viewers are introduced to two new species of Tyrannosaur that have never been given the screen time they properly deserve. Eastern China’s Qianzhousaurus Rex will show viewers how it got its nickname “Pinocchio Rex” and a tiny tyrannosaur known as the Nanuqsaurus will flaunt the feathers that made it perfect for surviving and thriving in the cold Alaskan terrains. Even the Tyrannosaurus Rex will captivate audiences, showing off its swimming skills. That’s right, despite those stubby arms, the Kings and Queens of the dinosaur world could hold their own in the water, propelling themselves by their gargantuan feet.

Of the other dinosaurs we could spot in the trailer, showing off their might and ferociousness, were Pterodactyls, Triceratops, and Velociraptors, the latter of which are displayed in their full glory as feathered beasts with sharp claws, albeit the size of an adult turkey. No matter their stature, we still wouldn’t want one of them chasing us down! There are also creatures we’ve never seen before, stomping and stalking around in their natural habitats.

Appropriate for kids and adults alike, Prehistoric Planet promises to reveal the extinct beasts as they’ve never been seen before. Fans of Planet Earth will feel right at home with the voice of Attenborough guiding them through a time when dinosaurs roamed the planet and judging by the names backing the production, we can safely assume that we’re in for both an informative and visually stunning documentary.

Experience the magic and majesty of Prehistoric Planet in the trailer below, just be careful to not be trampled by the subject matter.


via Collider

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