‘Clark’ Trailer Reveals Bill Skarsgård as the Notorious Criminal Clark Olofsson!! Check It Out!!

Bill Skarsgård is stepping into the life of one of the most notorious bank robbers of all time. Though you may not recognize the name Clark Olofsson at first, you’ll most likely know the term “Stockholm Syndrome,” and for that descriptor, the world has Olofsson to thank. A talented criminal oozing with charm and wit, the bank heist known as the Norrmalmstorg robbery is just a piece of the giant puzzle that is Olofsson’s life. With its impending arrival on Netflix on May 5, the limited series, Clark sets out to put all the pieces together in the conman’s life.

In a trailer, audiences are introduced to Skarsgård’s Clark as he makes his way into the courtroom. Blending a voiceover with fantastical shots, the movie will definitely deliver on being a combo of truth and lies. Pulling back the curtain on not just the Norrmalmstorg robbery, viewers are given the impression that the limited series will also take us through Olofsson’s earlier criminal days with smaller robberies and petty thefts. Living the high life, we see the grifter partying his days and nights away at discotheques and drug-fueled parties. Olofsson’s childhood trauma has a big part to play in the first look as hints are given to his upsetting past with an abusive father. Rounding it all out, of course, we get to see a bit about the legendary bank robbery that made Olofsson famous in the first place. All in all, the Swedish language series, which is being helmed by Jonas Åkerlund (Lords of Chaos), looks like it will make for an entertaining watch with some educational history snuck in.

Also starring in Clark will be Kolbjörn Skarsgård, Adam Lundgren, Lukas Wetterberg, Sandra Ilar, Vilhelm Blomgren, Peter Viitanen, Hanna Björn, Agnes Lindström Bolmgren, Isabelle Grill, Björn Gustafsson, Malin Levanon, Sofie Hoflack, and Christoffer Nordenrot.

To give some background (and a speedy true-crime history lesson), the Norrmalmstorg robbery happened in Stockholm, Sweden back in 1973. A one-man job, the bank was held up by Jan-Erik Olsson, something that proved to be a huge mistake. It quickly went south, and the criminal decided the only way out was to take hostages. Hoping to negotiate with him, the police allowed Olsson to bring his longtime friend and collaborator Olofsson into the bank in hopes of assuaging the deadly situation. What unfolded from here is a thing of legend as a combination of distrust in the police and the charm of their captors made the hostages align with Olsson and Olofsson. Without revealing any more, we’ll leave it there and let you tune into Clark to find out how it all pans out.

Check out the trailer below and learn more about the man behind it all when Clark hits Netflix on May 5.


via Collider

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