‘God’s Favorite Idiot’: First Images Tease Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone’s Netflix Comedy Series!! Check It Out!!

We’re finally getting some first look images at Netflix’s upcoming comedy series, God’s Favorite Idiot, and boy are we grateful. What was initially meant to be a 16-episode series, was cut in half to only eight episodes which will debut on the streamer on June 15. For those hoping to hear that there will be a continuation in the series at a later date, Netflix has seemed to confirm that this will in fact be the case. With no news on when the cameras will roll, for now, we’re just excited that things are moving along as planned for the show’s debut in just under two months with a batch of photos released to begin our character speculations.

God’s Favorite Idiot will tell the story of tech support worker Clark Thompson (Ben Falcone). Going through the motions in his daily life, he always looks forward to seeing his co-worker crush Amily (Melissa McCarthy) and hanging out with his dad, Gene (Kevin Dunn). The days roll into one with everything feeling the same until something extraordinary happens. One day at work, Clark begins to emit a glow that leads him to believe that God is speaking through him. But to battle the evil forces of Satan (Leslie Bibb), he’ll need some assistance. It’s then that this comedy moves into the workplace when Clark enlists the help of his co-workers — including Amily — to take on the powers of darkness.

Created by Falcone, the series also stars Usman Ally, Steve Mallory, Chris Sandiford, Ana Scotney, and Yanic Truesdale. Helmed by MADtv alum Michael McDonald, the show will use comedy to show one man’s purpose in a lackluster life. McDonald also serves as an executive producer alongside Falcone and McCarthy who will represent their banner, On The Day.

gods-favorite-idiot (7)
Image via Netflix

The first look photos reveal our main cast of characters. We see Clark and Amily kneeling in prayer with Amily’s face looking not-so-sure about Clark’s recent calling as well as Clark engaging in his favorite activity with his dad — a trip to the sauna. In another photo, Ally’s character sits behind a desk with his headset on ready to field the next question from a client. Truesdale, who fans of Gilmore Girls are sure to recognize, stands with his arms open in a cozy-looking vest addressing someone off-screen while Sandiford’s character, surrounded by cabinets and papers, looks like he missed a work memo.

A solo shot of McCarthy’s Amily reveals her busy sense of fashion accompanied by bleach blonde hair and knuckle tattoos. Dressed with a sweater vest and tie, Mallory’s character is giving us office manager vibes while Scotney looks like she’s taking lunch in the break room. Finally, motorcycle helmet in hand and clad in an all-leather outfit, the devil has rolled into town with Bibb rocking a straight, blonde haircut appearing ready to raise hell.

While we can only begin to put the puzzle pieces together surrounding God’s Favorite Idiot, we look forward to receiving more clues soon. The series hits Netflix on June 15. Keep your eyes peeled to Collider for the inevitable teasers and trailers in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the new images from God’s Favorite Idiot below.

gods-favorite-idiot (5)
Image via Netflix
gods-favorite-idiot (2)
Image via Netflix
gods-favorite-idiot (3)
Image via Netflix
gods-favorite-idiot (6)
Image via Netflix
gods-favorite-idiot (8)
Image via Netflix
gods-favorite-idiot (9)
Image via Netflix
gods-favorite-idiot (1)
Image via Netflix
gods-favorite-idiot (4)
Image via Netflix

via Collider

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