‘Mrs. American Pie’: Allison Janney Joins Kristen Wiig’s Apple TV+ Comedy Series!!

Allison Janney is teaming up with Kristen Wiig to lead the Apple TV+ comedy series, Mrs. American Pie. As if the star power behind these two women wasn’t enough to draw you in, Laura Dern is also tied to production as an executive producer and rumor has it that the Jurassic Park actress is toying with the idea of picking up a role of her own. The Help and Breaking News in Yuba County director Tate Taylor will helm the project.

Abe Sylvia, who created the series, will also pen the adaptation which takes its story from Juliet McDaniel’s book of the same name. Based in the early 1970s, the series centers on Maxine Simmons (Wiig), a housewife who yearns for the finer things in life. Written off by her husband and those around her, the Palm Beach woman will stop at nothing to land herself a seat next to the city’s wealthiest citizens. Her journey to the top will delve into questions surrounding the barriers between the wealthy and the lower classes and what cost our protagonist, Maxine, will pay to sit alongside the elite.

Janney’s character, Evelyn, will stand in Maxine’s way as she struggles to be accepted by the well-to-do women. A revered Palm Beach resident, Evelyn is no stranger to the world of opulence and riches that Maxine so wishes she could join.

Sylvia will serve as the showrunner for Mrs. American Pie as well as executive produce alongside Wyolah Entertainment’s Taylor and his producing partner, John Norris with Boat Rocker’s Katie O’Connell Marsh rounding out the team. Jaywalker PicturesDern and Jayme Lemons developed the series which serves as a first-look deal with Boat Rocker.

Judging by the source material, the production sounds right up Wiig and Janney’s alleys in the dramatic comedy department. We imagine the two will play off each other perfectly and, if Dern is added to the call sheet, the trio will be an unstoppable force to drive up streams for Apple TV+. If you can’t wait to see the wonders of Janney in the premiere of Mrs. American Pie, you can soon catch her in the Anna Forester directed thriller, Lou, as well as a comedy titled The People We Hate at the Wedding. The latter will see the Oscar and Emmy winning Janney star opposite Kristen Bell and Ben Platt. Staying busy as of late, she just wrapped production on a sci-fi epic directed by Garth Edwards titled True Love.

There is currently no release date for Mrs. American Pie.


via Collider

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