‘The Pod Generation’: Rosalie Craig and Vinette Robinson Join Upcoming Sci-Fi Rom Com!!

Rosalie Craig and Vinette Robinson have joined the cast of an upcoming science-fiction romantic comedy, The Pod Generation according to Deadline. The characters that Craig and Robinson will be playing in the film have not yet been announced.

Rosalie Craig, who got her start in musical theater on the West End, has appeared in numerous series, including Netflix‘s Centaurworld, Lovesick, and Amazon Prime Video‘s Truth Seekers. Robinson‘s previous work includes 2021’s The Amazing Mr. Blunden (directed by Mark Gatiss), Boiling Point (directed by Philip Barantini), and 2019’s Robinson (directed by Ira Sachs). Kathryn Hunter, who previously appeared in 2007’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, has also been cast in the film in what’s being described as a minor role. The three will be joining the previously announced Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Clarke will also be an executive producer for the film.

The film takes place in a futuristic New York. It follows Rachel (played by Clarke) and Alvy (played by Ejiofor), a couple that is ready to have a baby. In the future, babies can be generated in detachable pods, which allows both parents to experience pregnancy. Although Alvy doesn’t trust having AI replace everything that’s natural in the world, he decides to give it a chance when Rachel’s work gives her the opportunity to use the technology.

The Pod Generation will be directed by Sophie Barthes. She previously directed 2014’s Madame Bovary and 2009’s Cold Souls. “Working with Emilia and Chiwetel as a couple on screen is a dream come true,” Barthes previously said about the film. “Emilia’s versatility, her disarming sense of humor, and capacity to navigate complex emotions are a perfect match to Chiwetel‘s charisma and extraordinary screen presence.” Quad‘s Yann Zenou and indie Scope‘s Geneviève Lemal will be executive producers for the film. CAA Media Finance will be in charge of the film’s domestic sales, while MK2 Films will be in charge of international sales. According to M2K Films‘ managing director Fionnuala Jamison, the film will look at the “ethical questions about where technology is taking us, like once the womb has been commodified, what’s next?” Filming is scheduled to begin in March.

No official release date has been announced for The Pod Generation. In the meantime, fans can watch Barthe‘s first film Cold Souls, which is currently available to stream on both Pluto TV and Tubi.


via Collider

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