‘Uncoupled’ Teaser Sees Neil Patrick Harris Re-Joining Single Life!! Check It Out!!

Netflix is reintroducing Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, A Series of Unfortunate Events) to the single life in the upcoming romantic comedy series Uncoupled. The teaser is out for the streamer’s latest series which sees the five-time Emmy winner playing a man getting over a bad breakup with his longtime husband to find joy in dating again. All eight episodes premiere globally on July 29.

Uncoupled sees Harris as Michael, a newly single man blindsided by his husband’s sudden departure from his life after 17 years together. Naturally, Michael isn’t happy as two of his worst fears have come true at the same time: losing who he thought was his soulmate and now having to navigate the murky waters of single life as a mid-forties gay man in New York City. If the teaser is any indication though, the adjustment won’t be as hard for Michael as he originally thought.

The teaser shows two very different stages of a break-up. First, we see the ugly, getting-over-it phase with Michael smashing a bouquet of roses that were likely meant for his husband right in the middle of the sidewalk where everyone can see, all set to a jazzy classical tune. At least, he imagined destroying the roses as he thought back on all the pain and misery he experienced when his husband walked out the door. However, when he glances over at another guy he likes, Michael starts to realize the perks of the single life again. He gets back on the horse, starts going to parties again, and hooks up with some nice guys while trying to find his new beau. It’s all summed up perfectly by the line “Break-ups suck, but single life doesn’t have to.”

Uncoupled marks the team-up of two prominent creators in Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman. Star is the mind behind a long string of prominent shows since the 1990s including Sex and the City, its sequel And Just Like That…, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills, 90210, and, most recently, Emily in Paris which may explain why Netflix was eager to partner up with him again. While this will be Richman‘s first credit as a creator, he’s a veteran sitcom writer with credits for Frasier, Modern Family, Wings, and The Jeffersons among others.

Joining the series as executive producers are Tony Hernandez (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Younger) and Lilly Burns (Emily in Paris, Younger) of Jax Media along with Harris, Star, and Richman. MTV Entertainment Studios was behind the production. Andrew Fleming (Emily in Paris, Younger) and Zoe Cassavetes (Emily in Paris, The Sex Lives of College Girls) will direct episodes of the series.

Uncoupled premieres globally on the streamer on July 29.

Check out the teaser below to see Harris readjusting to the single life.


via Collider

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