‘Apteros’: Upcoming Space Thriller Adds Kaya Scodelario, Lance Reddick and Ben Hardy!!

Kaya Scodelario, Lance Reddick, and Ben Hardy are headed to space in one of their next films. Variety reports that the three have been cast in the upcoming science fiction thriller film Apteros. The film is set in the near future and follows a group of astronauts on a deadly mission.

Scodelario will play Tressie, a science officer. Reddick will play Mitchell, the crew’s captain, while Hardy will play Wade, a systems engineer. The sparse crew is headed to Mars after it is discovered that the planet has bacterial life. However, the crew later discovers that strange events are happening in the spacecraft, and the events also lead to all life on Earth being in jeopardy, leaving it up to the skeleton crew to save not only themselves, but the entirety of humanity.

The film will be directed by Edward Anderson, who also wrote the screenplay. “The idea of a mystery set in space is uniquely fascinating and combining the challenges and risks of mankind’s search for alien life elevates the possibilities,” said Anderson. “With Apteros, I’m excited to explore these concepts in a hard science fiction context, by creating a very human story about paranoia, isolation, fear, and the dangers of technology in the face of a realistic discovery of alien life in its smallest, most baffling form.”

Laura Rister will be a producer for the film for Untitled Entertainment. Hero Squared will be co-producers. Independent Entertainment will be in charge of international sales of the film. “Independent have a long history of working on bold and ambitious sci-fi, and the script for Apteros rates as one of the best we’ve seen,” the company said in a statement. “Edward has created a gripping thriller full of big ideas and we can’t wait for him to bring his vision to life with this exceptionally talented group of actors.”

Apteros is scheduled to begin filming this fall in Hungary. In the meantime, fans can see Anderson‘s work in Flawless, which is currently available to stream on YouTube, Pluto TV and Tubi.


via Collider

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