‘Cold Storage’: Liam Neeson and Joe Keery to Star in David Koepp Adaptation!!

Liam Neeson and Joe Keery are set to star in the thriller Cold Storage, reveals Deadline. The film adapts a novel of the same name by David Koepp and deals with a group of unlikely heroes trying to contain a deadly virus that threatens to wipe out humanity.

Cold Storage is about a deadly alien virus that gets safely frozen and contained in the lower levels of a military base. However, the base needs to be shut down due to budget cuts, with the lower levels being sealed shut and the rest of the building rented to a private company that doesn’t follow all the safety measures to keep the virus locked down. So, as temperatures rise inside the building, the virus begins to escape from its underground prison. So, to contain the extinction-level virus, a retired bioterror operative needs to join forces with two employees in the facility. It’s a nerve-wracking concept that is even more disturbing after living through a pandemic.

While there’s no official confirmation about who Neeson plays in the feature, it’s safe to bet the star will show up as the bioterror operative. Neeson is known for playing old and angry specialists who get dragged back into impossible situations against their will, most recently in Martin Campbell’s Memory. So, the retired operative fits Neeson like a glove. As for Keery, the young Stranger Things star could play one of the employees who’s forced to step up and help Neeson to contain the deadly virus.

Besides writing the original novel the movie is based on, Koepp also penned the script for Cold Storage. Koepp is also the co-writer in some of the biggest franchise starters in Hollywood, including Jurassic Park and Mission: Impossible, which only increases our hype for Cold Storage. Also, the film is directed by Jonny Campbell, who worked for the hit sci-fi series Doctor Who and Westworld. Finally, the film adaptation is produced by Gavin Polone, who also produced major successes such as Panic Room and Zombieland.

Talking about the upcoming adaptation, Koepp said:

“[Cold Storage] has everything I’d want to see in a movie; it’s scary, funny, exhilarating, surprising, and riotously entertaining. Gavin, Jonny and I have huge ambitions for this, and are so excited to get cracking with our partners at Studiocanal. Can’t wait to launch sales at Cannes!”

Campbell also said:

“[Cold Storage is] classic entertainment combining epic scale and microscopic detail. I was instantly hijacked by David’s mischievously witty tone and his unique blend of comic absurdity and visionary reality. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a gut-wrenching alien parasite?”

Cold Storage is set to shoot this fall, with Studiocanal fully financing the project.


via Collider

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