‘Dynasty’ Reboot Cancelled After Five Seasons!!!

A fool and his money will soon be parted as the current season of drama series Dynasty comes to a close. The CW announced today that one of TV’s richest families will not come back for another run: the network canceled Dynasty along with a slate of other shows which include remakes Charmed, 4400, newcomers In the Dark, Naomi, and others. Dynasty centers around the Carringtons, a wealthy family with its members constantly fighting over money – as well as their search for true relationships with people who don’t have ulterior motives.

Currently airing Season 5, there’s a chance that Dynasty gets a chance at a satisfying send-off: it all depends on how much they’ve filmed so far and if the remaining episodes provide a breathing room to close up the season’s arcs. A couple of weeks ago, series regular Elizabeth Gillies celebrated the show reaching the 100-episode mark with a video of herself and her onscreen father and fellow costar Grant Show jumping up and down on one of the Carrington’s expensive couches. However, we have no indication of how far along filming of Season 5 is – it could be wrapped already. We’ll have to wait for a word from series producers Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Sallie Patrick to get a clear picture and discover if the series will wrap with an open ending or not.

Series regular and fan-favorite Rafael De La Fuente took to Instagram to honor the end of the Dynasty cycle. He posted a picture of the cast celebrating on set and captioned it with “A true privilege. It has been one crazy, beautiful ride. Even though Season 5 will be the last, my gratitude is everlasting.” De La Fuente plays Sam Jones, a gay man who entered the Carrington’s life as a gold digger but ended up turning his life around by buying and managing an upscale hotel in Atlanta.

Dynasty is a remake from a popular primetime soap opera that originally aired on ABC from 1981 to 1989. Both productions follow the wealthy life of the Carrington family. The remake series, true to its soap opera roots, has featured storylines such as dead relatives coming back to life, estranged siblings and heirs being unearthed, stolen identities, and – believe it or not – a change of actors justified in the story with a plastic surgery.

The cast of Dynasty also features Robert Christopher Riley, Sam Adegoke, Elaine Hendrix, Daniella Alonso, Maddison Brown, Sam Underwood, Adam Huber, Michael Michele, and Eliza Bennett.

The CW airs new episodes of Dynasty on Friday nights. The next one, titled “I’ll Settle For a Prayer”, debuts tomorrow. You can check out De La Fuente’s Instagram post below:


via Collider

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