‘Bupkis’: Edie Falco to Play Pete Davidson’s Mother in Peacock Series!!

Pete Davidson has been hitting grand slams lately. While his romance with the iconic Kim Kardashian is showing absolutely zero signs of slowing down, his career is also at an all time high. Recently, the Saturday Night Live comedian was given the greenlight to move forward with his series Bupkis, and now he’s found his on-screen mother. Comedy and drama legend Edie Falco has crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s to appear as the matriarch of Davidson’s family in the upcoming Peacock series, which will act as an over-exaggerated, semi-autobiographical version of Davidson’s life.

Our opinion? Davidson and the rest of the team behind Bupkis are incredibly lucky. With the ability to tie in a comedic edge to even the most dramatic of moments, the addition of Falco seems like a no-brainer. For example, take her two most well known roles. Even as a mob boss’s wife on The Sopranos, Falco was able to give audiences a chuckle or several each episode with her portrayal of the over-the-top Carmela Soprano. And then there’s her time holding down the titular role on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie. While it’s billed as a comedy drama, the series took on an incredibly dark tone as it followed the medical professional’s struggle with drugs and addiction. Still, Falco was able to bring a funny side to the character whose downhill dive was downright hard to watch.

The series will mark the second time Davidson has embarked on a project centered around his own life. Back in 2020, the actor teamed up with director, Judd Apatow, to create the film The King of Staten Island which was loosely based on Davidson’s life. For Bupkis, Davidson will work alongside Lorne Michaels, Judah Miller, Dave Sirus, Andrew Singer, and Erin David to executive produce. He’ll also sit at the writer’s table with Sirus and Miller to pen the script with the latter of the three serving as showrunner.

Whatever Davidson is doing, we want to follow suit. While we don’t know who else we can expect to see on the series, the announcement of Falco has us thinking it’s going to be an all-star cast. We’re also imagining that the comedic chemistry between the on-screen mother and son duo is going to be top notch as the pair feels like the perfect fit. As of right now, no release date has yet been set for Peacock’s newest comedy series, but we at Collider will keep you posted with casting, first looks, and more news as it becomes available.


via Collider

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