‘The Kill Room’: Maya Hawke Joins Mother Uma Thurman in Comedy Thriller!!!

The dark comedy The Kill Room just got a lot more exciting. The Jonathan Jacobson screenplay is being directed by Nicol Paone and it’s already been announced that Academy Award winner Samuel L. Jackson, Academy Award nominee Uma Thurman, and Joe Manganiello are all set to star. But now the cast includes Thurman‘s daughter and Stranger Things star Maya Hawke, Goodfellas star Debi Mazar, and Succession‘s own Larry Pine.

The movie is set to follow hitman Reggie (Manganielle) as he, his boss (Jackson) and an art dealer (Thurman) all embark on a money-laundering scheme — which, if you know anything about these actors, sounds like a perfect movie for them to all tackle together. And the addition of Hawke, Mazar, and Pine just make it all that much more exciting of a project.

Principal photography for the film is set to begin this spring in New Jersey and New York and Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Beckerman, and Jon Keeyes are set to produce under the Yale Productions banner with Anne Clements, Paone, Thurman, Dannielle Thomas, Jason Weinberg, and William Rosenfeld producing as well.

Hawke is also gearing up to return as Robin for Stranger Things 4, the fourth season of the hit Netflix series. For fans of Mazar, they probably know her best from Goodfellas but she’s also starred in Spike Lee’s Malcolm X and Michael Mann‘s The Insider. Pine has been a staple in Wes Anderson projects from The Royal Tenenbaums to Moonrise Kingdom so getting to see all three tackle Paone‘s film is going to be fun.

And really, having Hawke and Thurman in the same movie is pretty amazing too especially for fans who maybe didn’t realize exactly who Hawke was the first time we saw her!

You can read more about The Kill Room below:

The Kill Room centers around a hitman, Reggie (Manganiello), his boss (Jackson), an art dealer (Thurman) and their money laundering scheme that accidentally turns the hitman into an overnight Avant-Garde sensation, forcing her to play the art world against the underworld.

Jordan Yale Levine, Jordan Beckerman, and Jon Keeyes are producing under their Yale Productions banner alongside Anne Clements of Idiot Savant Pictures, Paone, Thurman, Dannielle Thomas and Jason Weinberg from Untitled Entertainment, and William Rosenfeld of Such Content. Executive producers include Robert Kapp, Scott Levenson, Jason Kringstein, Richard Switzer, Ian Niles, Philip W. Shaltz, Bradley Pilz, Michael J. Rothstein, Jesse Korman, Jeffrey Tussi, and Michael and Jackie Palkovicz.


via Collider

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