‘Law Abiding Citizen 2′ is Officially in the Works!!

It’s just been announced that a sequel to 2009’s Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, and Leslie Bibb is officially in the works from The Matrix franchise producers Village Roadshow Pictures in partnership with Rivulet Media. Original screenwriters Lucas Foster and Kurt Wimmer will return for the project, while Butler will return with his G-Base partner Alan Siegel as producers.

Although the original film didn’t find much success in the critical arena, it seemed to be a big hit with audiences, grossing a comfortable $127 million at the box office upon its release. Law Abiding Citizen followed Butler as the titular character Clyde Shelton, who was once a happy family man until his wife and daughter were killed during a home invasion. When assistant district attorney Nick Rice, played by Foxx, makes a plea bargain with the killers to keep his 99% conviction rate afloat, Clyde blames him for his family’s deaths and sets off on a path to destroy the entire judicial system as a form of personal justice.

Although plot and casting details for the sequel are still being kept under wraps, it’s still an exciting announcement for fans of the original flick. Other crew members signed on for the sequel include Rivulet Media producers Rob Paris and Mike Witherill, and Village Roadshow Pictures’ executive producers Tristen Tuckfield and Jillian Apfelbaum.

Rivulet Media producers Paris and Witherill revealed in a statement as to why they decided to pick up the 2009 film for a sequel, stating:

“The demand for smart, star-driven action thrillers in the marketplace is palpable, and this is one of those rare unexploited franchise opportunities that was too good to pass up.”

While Foster added on saying:

“I am delighted to partner with Rob, Mike and Village Roadshow Pictures, together with my frequent creative partner Kurt Wimmer, to revisit these great characters and this compelling topic which seems even more relevant today than when we made the original film. We’re going to blow your mind… again”

The crew seems to have the utmost confidence in their attempts to revive the Law Abiding Citizen franchise, by making it more action-packed and jaw-dropping than ever before. Stay tuned to Collider for further information on the sequel.


via Collider

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