‘Lovesong’: New Series from ‘Vida’ Creator Tanya Saracho Headed to STARZ!!


A STARZ creative alum has landed a new series. Vida creator, Tanya Saracho will be leading the charge with a new romantic drama titled Lovesong. The award-winning playwright and all around celebrated storyteller will be bringing more of her cultural background to the new series which will center around two Mexican American childhood friends.

While the pair have since grown up, they’ve always remained incredibly close and Lovesong will see them living in London making their way through the ups and downs of adulthood. Their main conflict is that they’re both falling in love with the same singer-songwriter. As emotions run at an all-time high, the love-triangle becomes a thing of anxiety, hurt, and stress as the friends turn against one another to win out the entertainer’s affection. Viewers will ride shotgun alongside the tumultuous relationship that will take place in the East London music scene as the women are pitted against one another on a journey of the meaning of life, love, and relationships.

Boasting a long list of credits on and off the screens of television, Saracho has gained a name for herself in the creative community as not only a writer, but also as a fierce advocate for representation in the industry. She’s a co-founder of the Untitled Latinx Project (ULP), a group that seeks to bring about more Latine representation to the entertainment biz. She also co-founded the Writers Access Support Staff Training Program whose goal is to create more opportunities to all underrepresented communities. To further move the program along, she created the Ojalá Ignition Lab in the summer of 2021 to act as a guide to bolster intersectional Latine creatives and their projects. Along with creating, showrunning, and executive producing Vida, Saracho also has credits as a writer on shows including Looking and How to Get Away with Murder.

Excited to bring Saracho, who hired all Latine writers and directors for Vida, and the voices that her pieces lift up back to STARZ, the network’s president of original programming, Kathryn Busby said they were “beyond thrilled to partner with Tanya to bring her bold and tantalizing love story to life.” Matching Busby’s zest is none other than Saracho who calls her newest project “a child of the pandemic,” commenting that it was “born from those times when we were yearning for love stories to soothe the soul and light the way through the dark times.” She also speaks to her inspiration for Lovesong, reminiscing on her time spent in the East London music scene taking in every opportunity she could.

With this latest announcement, we’re so excited to see the newest story Saracho and her team will weave with Lovesong. As of right now, no release date has been set for the series.


via Collider

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