‘Sister Darkness’: Filmmaker Alex Proyas’s New Horror Film to Begin Production This Year!!

It has just been officially confirmed that legendary filmmaker Alex Proyas‘ next movie will be a horror film titled Sister Darkness. Sister Darkness will be a joint production between ProyasHeretic Foundation and Mystery Clock Cinema and UK-based production company 108 Media. Sister Darkness will be Proyas‘ first time helming a feature film since 2016’s Gods of Egypt, although he has made several short films since. Proyas, who is directing Sister Darkness from his own original script, is known for directing the films The Crow, Dark City, I, Robot, and Knowing, and Sister Darkness is said to be the filmmaker returning to his roots.

Sister Darkness is currently being described as a female-driven horror story that will feel like a gothic fever dream. The film is also said to be in a similar vein to The Crow and have major franchise potential. Sister Darkness will follow Alice, a recently married but terminally unhappy woman who exists in 1930s UK, where women were being oppressed right and left. Alice ends up crossing paths with her doppelganger, a mysterious woman named Isla. Isla’s presence brings forth the acknowledgment of the existence of a supernatural nightscape and the eventual uprising of a deceitful aristocracy. Proyas‘ vision for Sister Darkness is said to be majorly influenced by UK horror films from the 60s and 70s including The Innocents and The Legend of Hell House.

Sister Darkness has a budget of $35 million and is expected to start shooting in Australia, beginning in late 2022 and ending in mid-2023. The film will be shot using a fully virtual production process that was developed by Proyas‘ own VFX studio Heretic Foundation. The special effects pioneer aims to forever change the paradigm of filmmaking with this technology, and plans for Sister Darkness to showcase how groundbreaking virtual productions can truly be.

Proyas spoke on the production of his upcoming film, saying:

We are excited to be embarking with 108 Media on what we genuinely believe will be the first step of a long and fruitful journey together. Sister Darkness will be a milestone in the use of virtual production at this scale and Heretic’s talented team will allow us to establish production values at much higher levels in this budget range than ever before thought achievable. This is the future of filmmaking.

Since Proyas‘s production plans don’t end until next year, it may be a while before audiences get a chance to see Sister Darkness. But of course, stay tuned at Collider for more details.


via Collider

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