‘Chloe’ Trailer Teases Amazon and BBC’s New Psychological Thriller!! Check It Out!!

As the release date for Prime Video‘s Chloe draws closer, the streaming platform has released a trailer for the series. The newly released trailer wastes no time in setting up the themes of obsession and stalking that remain prevalent throughout the two-minute clip.

The trailer begins with Becky Green (played by Erin Doherty) looking at Chloe Fairbourne’s social media page. While scrolling through the comments, she learns that Chloe has recently died. Next, Becky is seen watching Chloe’s casket being moved by pallbearers. Although Chloe was her childhood friend, it is revealed that she has not spoken with her in years. It then cuts to a flashback showing them having fun as kids. Becky now wants to know exactly what happened to Chloe, thinking that she may have been in trouble. At this point, viewers learn Becky is unafraid to cross boundaries to get those answers.

Earning its fitting classification as a ‘social media thriller’, the trailer shows Becky on Chloe’s social media, where she learns that Chloe was friends with Livia (played by Pippa Bennett-Warner) and tracks her down. She then introduces herself to Livia as Sasha. Livia later introduces ‘Sasha’ to Josh (played by Brandon Michael Hall) who already knows her as Becky. When he confronts her about her double life, she tells him that she wants to control the way people see her. As she gets closer to Chloe’s friends, Becky learns that Chloe committed suicide. The trailer then shows Becky realizing that she didn’t know Chloe’s life as much as she thought she did. It concludes with a montage showing Becky being confronted about who she really is.

Chloe also stars Poppy Gilbert as the titular Chloe, Billy Howle as Elliot and Jack Farthing as Richard. The series was created by Alice Seabright, who also serves as a writer and director for the series, as well as an executive producer. Seabright‘s previous work includes directing and writing for the Netflix series Sex Education. When previously talking about the series, Seabright described Becky as a “complex, courageous heroine.” Kayleigh Llewellyn, Poppy Cofan, and Bolu Babalola are also writers for the series.

The series is a co-production between BBC One, Mam Tor Productions, and Amazon Studios, while Banijay Rights is the series’ international distributor. Amanda Boyle was the second block director on Chloe while Joanna Crow was a producer for the series. Mam Tor ProductionsTally Garner and Morven Reid were also executive producers on the show, as well as BBC‘s Ben Irving.

Chloe originally aired on BBC One in February 2022, but all six episodes will premiere on Prime Video on June 24. In the meantime, check out the series’ new trailer below:

via Collider

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