‘The Croods: Family Tree’ Season 3 of Spinoff Series Gets a Trailer!! Check It Out!!

DreamWorks‘ hit prehistoric family, The Croods, is coming back to Hulu and Peacock for the third season of The Croods: Family Tree and this time, the goal is survival. The trailer offers viewers of modern times the best survival tips for the prehistoric era, though neither the Croods nor the Bettermans – the two families heavily featured in the trailer – are very good at following said tips. Beyond that, there’s more fun to be had when all six episodes of Season 3 are released on June 2.

With the new footage, it is clear that the Croods are downright awful at keeping themselves out of trouble. While the tips given are all pretty solid and overall true, such as sticking together or trusting the elders, the cave family proves that sometimes it is better to improvise. Grug, Guy, and Gran all completely whiff on their chances to prove their survival skills while several other characters fail to follow the all-important fourth tip of avoiding the infamous shock swamp. Sometimes though, the characters create the danger themselves with a roller coaster that goes off the rails and a “Philvalanche” that has boulders shaped and decorated like Phil Betterman’s head rolling down onto the farm.

The Croods: Family Tree picks up where DreamWorks’ last feature film revolving around the family, The Croods: A New Age, left off, with the Croods and Bettermans becoming neighbors and trying to reconcile their differences. Season 3 will have the families in a bit more danger as the new episodes will see the men undergoing a brutal initiation to join the ranks of the Thunder Sisters, while Eep and Dawn will challenge the Punch Monkeys to a skate-off for the right to rule over their favorite skate spot. The girls will also find and take in an egg that may be more threatening than it appears.

The Croods: Family Tree brings back fan-favorite characters who debuted in the films by John Cleese, Kirk DeMicco, and Chris Sanders. Making up the cast of prehistoric cave folk is Kiff VandenHeuvel as Grug, Amy Landecker as Ugga, Ally Dixon as Eep, AJ Locascio as Thunk, Artemis Pebdani as Gran, Dee Bradley Baker as Sandy, Darin Brooks as Guy, Matthew Waterson as Phil, Amy Rosoff as Hope, and Kelly Marie Tran as Dawn.

Mark Banker and Todd Grimes, two alums from The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, serve as executive producers for the series. Both are veterans of the animation industry, though Banker is the longer-tenured of the two with credits as a writer on shows like Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Adventure Time. Grimes, meanwhile, has mostly stuck to the Captain Underpants universe, though he did direct another movie continuation animated series in Back at the Barnyard.

The Croods: Family Tree Season 3 will be released on Hulu and Peacock on June 2. Check out the trailer below to learn some rules for surviving primitive times:

via Collider

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