‘Man Vs. Bee’ Trailer Sees Rowan Atkinson Taking on a Bee!! Check It Out!!!

Rowan Atkinson is back in a Netflix series that will see the beloved comedic actor facing down his biggest challenge yet … a bee. A trailer released today for Man Vs Bee sees Atkinson shine in his usual habitat of physical humor as he takes on the stinging pest while it completely destroys his world. Buzzing onto the platform on June 24, the production was co-created by Atkinson and William Davies (How to Train Your Dragon, Puss in Boots) with David Kerr (No Offence) serving as writer and director. Davies also holds a credit as producer alongside Chris Clark under Clark and Atkinson’s HouseSitter banner.

The trailer for Man Vs Bee sets the stage for the series with Atkinson’s Trevor standing before a judge in a courtroom as his charges are read. While the judge tacks on claim after claim, Atkinson plays the part he was born to play with all the emotion in the world spread across his face. We’re then taken back to how it all unfolded with Trevor landing a job as a housekeeper at a sprawling mansion. The new job is something that wows his family as it appears the accident-prone man hasn’t been able to hold onto anything for very long. Our honey-seeking antagonist then appears, and the slapstick ensues with Trevor going out of his way to destroy the bug. As Trevor lives it up in his temporary home, his battle with the bee rages on and makes us wonder if the house will still be standing by the end of the series.

The physical humor is laid on thick, but what else could we expect from an Atkinson-starring production. With his aforementioned unparalleled facial acting and extreme talent for taking on a bumbling persona, the role of Trevor is a perfect fit for the Blackadder actor. Although the teaser doesn’t give us many looks at the ensemble cast, it will be made up of Jing Lusi, Claudie Blakley, Tom Basden, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Greg McHugh, and India Fowler.

While Man Vs Bee promises to drop Atkinson into a world that he thrives in, we’re wondering how it will turn itself into a formidable series. If it were a film, that would make sense. A tidy 90 minutes of Atkinson being terrorized by a bee and causing chaos in his wake is one thing, but a nine-episode series is completely different. We’re wondering how the story will move from episode to episode and how the momentum will be kept up. For this, we’ll just need to wait until the series hits Netflix in a month. You can see what all the buzz is about in the trailer below.


via Collider

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