‘The Movers’: Susan Sarandon and Fat Joe Will Star in New Fox Animated Series!!

If you had Susan Sarandon and Fat Joe star in an animated comedy series on your 2022 bingo card, congratulations! You win! You should also take some high-stakes moves to play the lottery because wow, what a prediction — the rest of us stand in awe of you. For everyone else who’s just hearing the news today, Variety reports that Sarandon and Fat Joe will be the leading vocal talent in a new series from Fox, titled The Movers. The series will follow a Manhattan-based moving company and all the drama that occurs inside and outside the walls of their trucks. Rated as the 78th best moving business in the city, the crew behind The Movers will try to claw their way to the top while keeping it cool and calm amidst the heavy items and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The idea for the series is a family affair as it comes from Sarandon, her son Jack Henry Robbins, and Danielle Uhlarik. The latter two will pen the script while both are named as co-creators and executive producers alongside Sarandon. Meanwhile, Fat Joe will join as an executive producer with Bento Box Entertainment leading the charge as producers. The animated production will mark a reunion for the network and Sarandon who are currently paired up for the country music drama, Monarch.

Landing on a network known for its animated comedy shows, Sarandon and the rest of the team behind The Movers are in great hands. Since the first episodes of The Simpsons aired in 1989, Fox has been the number one spot for animated productions aimed at adults to spread their wings and fly. Since The Simpsons, shows such as Batman: The Animated Series, King of the Hill, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers have driven up viewership and made the platform the go-to for the best in colorfully portrayed comedies.

As for the team behind The Movers, their names are just as high in demand as Fox’s. It would take living under a rock to not know Academy Award-winning actress Sarandon. From The Rocky Horror Picture Show to Thelma & Louise, the actress has a long and successful career in both film and television. Sarandon’s co-star, Fat Joe has been a huge name in the music industry since his breakthrough hit, “What’s Luv?” dropped 20 years ago. A Grammy Award-nominated performer, the multi-hyphenated Fat Joe has appeared in projects including Empire and Netflix’s She’s Gotta Have It.

No stranger to the world of animation, Uhlarik has her name behind the animated series Wallflower and is currently serving as a co-executive producer on Hulu’s animated sci-fi series, Solar Opposites. Meanwhile, Robbins has credits for co-writing and directing the comedy feature VHYES as well as Ghostmates and several others.

For anyone who’s attempted the grueling and tiring process of moving throughout New York City — or anywhere for that matter, the synopsis of The Movers is already something that will make you say “why didn’t I think of that?” As of right now, no release date has been set, but stay tuned to Collider for more information as it becomes available.


via Collider

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