‘Plan B’: Patrick J. Adams and Karine Vanasse Set to Star in Adaption!!

Patrick J. Adams (Suits) and Karine Vanasse (Cardinal) are set to star in the English-language adaptation of the Canadian psychological drama Plan B, reports Variety. This compelling drama shows just how far one man is willing to go -back in time- to save his relationship.

Plan B will be a “high-concept, gripping and intimate psychological drama” adapted from the French-language series by creators Jean-François Asselin and Jacques Drolet. The show follows Philip’s (Adams) quest to save his relationship with “the love of his life” Evelyn (Vanasse) by any means necessary. When he discovers a way to go back in time, Philip believes he’s been given a second chance at love, with his law firm and his dysfunctional family. Unfortunately, playing with timelines rarely goes according to plan, as evidenced in other time-skipping dramas such as HBO‘s The Time Traveler’s Wife starring Rose Leslie and Theo James or Starz‘s Outlander. Philip learns the hard way that time travel often causes unexpected repercussions, disrupting the present.

Adams is best known for his starring role in USA Network‘s Suits, opposite Gabriel Macht. His performance as the college dropout lawyer Mike Ross earned Adams a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild award before he moved on to his Broadway debut in Tony-nominated Take Me Out, which looks at how an LGBTQ+ Major League player coming out would be received. Adams starred in National Geographic‘s The Right Stuff as original Mercury 7 astronaut John Glenn for Disney+ and his other films include Rage, Old School, Orphan Black, and Toronto International Film Festival selection Clara.

Award-winning co-star and Canadian actress Vanasse is best known for her role as Detective Lise Delorme in the crime drama Cardinal, which earned her a Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series. Vanasse also starred in and produced 2009’s drama Polytechnique. Vanasse has been in over twenty feature films including Set Me Free, God Friended Me, and Malek. She starred in ABC‘s Pan Am as Colette Valois and worked for three seasons on Revenge.

KOTV Inc., the Quebec-based production company that produces the original Plan B, will be working alongside CBC on the English adaptation, this summer before its premiere on CBC and their streaming service CBC Gem in the winter 2023. Joining the show’s creators Asselin and Drolet will be writer Lynn Kamm who’s written for NBC‘s medical drama Transplant and the Hulu sitcom Letterkenny. As the show is still in pre-production there’s no release date for Plan B yet.

via Collider

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